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Building A Winner: Janssen On Collaborating On A Connected Clinical Trial Platform


Clinical Research News - 22 Oct 2019

About four years ago, Bert Hartog, senior director, clinical innovation, at Janssen Pharmaceutica, realized that they had huge inefficiencies in clinical trials; were providing sup-optimal support for patients; and weren’t using new technologies the way they should. The Janssen team started to outline a platform to solve these problems, and after extensive internal needs assessment, the team set out to find a technology partner to build the platform.

"There wasn't anything available on the market," Hartog told Clinical Research News, "so we did a very comprehensive market search for the right partner to develop this platform. We were hoping to find a partner who would be able to do two things: one, build the platform, and second, take this platform to the industry for sites to benefit from what might become a standardized approach of working."

They found a likeminded partner in Tata Consultancy Services.

The development was very collaborative, said Hartog. Janssen outlined the initial requirements, and together the partners ‘co-created’ iStep—the integrated smart trial engagement platform. "We have done conceptualizing, proofs-of-concept, and technology pilots," Hartog recounts. "Along the way there was a transition of ownership. Janssen made it very clear: we don't want to end up owning this platform, we want to be a user, because that allows (TCS) to market it to get to standardization," Hartog explained.

Today, the platform is available as TCS’ Connected Clinical Trials (CCT) platform, with modules and offerings that extend beyond iStep. The product was recently awarded a European Innovations Award at SCOPE Europe.