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CIO UK: Innovate or die: Navigating digital transformation


Innovation is not a new concept for many businesses, and especially for those long-established organisations that have had to continuously adapt over the years. They have looked to digital to survive against new competitors in a disrupted marketplace. Businesses are either at the discovery stage, planning or implantation phase in their digital journey. However, the actual technology overhaul is usually the easiest part of this digital journey; while restructuring processes, culture and change management systems within enterprises is often where difficulties are encountered.

At the recently concluded TCS Innovation Forum 2019 held at London, experts gathered to discuss digital journeys and exploring ways of innovating within businesses.  Following the event, TCS EVP & CTO K. Ananth Krishnan shared his thoughts on how enterprises can navigate the digital transformation journey. “Innovation in an agile, machine-first world is about people,” says K Ananth Krishnan, EVP and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TCS. “It’s about machines working synergistically with people and teams. It is clear that the workplace where humans will be productively using their intellect and best abilities - like creativity and imagination - will demand very different skillsets and very different work environments,” said K Ananth Krishnan.

Innovation is much more than just updating a company’s legacy systems. Successful digital transformation requires a complete organisational mindset shift.   TCS’ Business 4.0™ framework breaks down this daunting transformation process into core business behaviours; drive mass personalisation, create exponential value, embrace risk and  leverage ecosystems.

Innovation in the fourth industrial revolution, Developing talent through collaboration, what the future holds for organizations were some of the areas covered in the article.