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Business is on the verge of a digital future: A perfect storm of technologies – cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, big data and analytics, and the internet of things (IoT) – is fast transforming industry. What, then, can enterprises do to harness the transformative power of these digital technologies is the topic that captured attention at the TCS Innovation Forum events held in Europe and North America in spring 2018.  

Giving TCS’ senior leadership, clients, and partner networks a chance to connect and exchange ideas about the enterprise technology landscape, the annual event – hosted by the TCS Research and Innovation unit – was organized in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Mexico City this year. Discussions revolved around the Business 4.0™ transformation framework, enhancing customer experience, monetizing digital data, reinforcing digital security, and digital business model innovation.

Watch a video on key highlights from TCS Innovation Forum 2018, London here

Watch a video on key highlights from TCS Innovation Forum 2018, New York here

Innovation Showcase

A key highlight was the Innovation Pavilion set up at each location to give visitors a hands-on experience of TCS solutions. Born out of sustained investments in global research and co-innovations with customers, these innovative offerings demonstrate TCS’ approach toward solving real-world problems. Notable exhibits include:

  • ignio™: An award-winning AI solution that enables smarter and faster decision-making to accelerate transformation, improve performance, and predict and prevent problems. It binds together data from multiple sources to map out the interdependencies across infrastructure nodes, application functions, and business operations for a complete, business-centric view of the enterprise technology environment.
  • Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): TCS collaborates with its customers using market-ready solutions across the drone technology value chain that can be integrated to rapidly build new solutions for specific industry problems. These UAVs are also available as pre-integrated, configurable, and customizable business solutions for targeted industry use cases.
  • Smart Quality Engineering (QE) Platform Services: TCS Smart QE Platform Services, an industry first AI-led offering, empowers integrated delivery of QE services. Smart QE leverages best-of-breed TCS and market solutions to deliver ‘first time right quality’ by providing contextual insights, intelligent automation, and actionable outcomes across the QE lifecycle. The platform is designed to drive optimization and improve the overall quality and predictability of application releases.
  • Jile™: At successful digital organizations, Agile starts with smaller teams before cascading to larger ones. Agile transformation has been relatively simpler and more successful for small, co-located teams, but it is definitely challenging for large, distributed ones. Jile™ is a product that enables enterprise-scale Agile across all five dimensions, namely teams, requirements, timebox, quality, and DevOps.
  • TCS IoT Intelligent Fleet Management System: This is a widely-deployed solution that provides real-time GPS tracking of fleet, predictive engine maintenance, gamified driver behavior, and real-time actionable alerts and analytics. It comes with a mobile app that provides dynamic control of all logistics. It also sports advanced features such as engine analytics, geofencing, and freshness monitoring for perishable goods.
  • TCS Crystal Ball: In today's digital age, a trade-off between data privacy and data utility is one of the most common problems faced by industry and customers. Crystal Ball, TCS’ consent and data subject rights management solution, acts as an observer and enforcer of an individual’s privacy preferences when they share their personally identifiable information with an enterprise or organization.
  • Decision Fabric: A bouquet of next-generation industry-specific cognitive solutions such as:

1. Pharmacovigilance Auto-Case Intake and Triaging: Accelerates time taken to process cases and reduces cycle time and effort through intelligent automation.

2. BFS Communication Surveillance: Automates surveillance of electronics communications to govern language-agnostic processes and increase control to mitigate risk of misconduct.

3. Cognitive AML: Simplifies the work of AML investigators by automating manual activities, leveraging machine learning, and providing intuitive data visualizations to identify AML patterns and detect hidden threats in near real time.