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CTO preparing Tata Consultancy Services for robotics and AI future



This article highlights TCS’ corporate culture of innovation, featuring quotes by K Ananth Krishnan, VP & CTO, TCS. It also discusses the partnership between TCS and Royal College of Art. 

The CTO of TCS is preparing the company for the industrialization of software robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as the flood of Millennials into the India-based giant, and is concerned about disruptive threats and the challenge of making work more social.

CTO K Ananth Krishnan, spoke exclusively to CIO UK about overseeing the technology estate for the 318,000 staff working for TCS around the globe and how he is preparing for the repercussions robotics, AI and software industrialization will have on the HR department.

He said, “In an era when you can "disrupt or be disrupted", the known unknowns were a constant worry. We're constantly experimenting with things which disrupt yourself." 

Being able to act upon industry trends was also a core concern for Krishnan, a TCS veteran who has been at the organization since 1988. "Even if you have thought about robotics and AI and have written a nice white paper on the subject, do you have the right capabilities inside, partnerships outside, and relationships with the right start-ups to deliver something?" asked Krishnan.

TCS also announced a partnership with the Royal College of Art to establish a Design Innovation Lab at the RCA's South Kensington campus in London to develop and deliver joint research projects at the confluence of design, technology and business - with the goal of filing joint patents and publications.

Krishnan said, "The partnership would help the organizations learn more from each other about the role creativity plays in technology, and the role technology plays in letting us be ever more creative".