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Thanks to digital technologies, it is today easier to go to market with a wide-reaching range of products and services, or to improve internal processes. The biggest challenges in this process remain generating creativity and inspiration, and taking ideas forward to completion. Design thinking is a proven methodology for generating ideas, and a powerful way for cross-functional teams to collaborate and bring those ideas to life.

TCS applies design thinking to discover delightful ways to build new businesses and new sources of differentiation. Our design thinking workshops are tailored and customized to help clients:

  • Uncover new game-changing opportunities
  • Leverage the diversity and expertise of cross-functional teams
  • Cultivate creativity just a few days away from business-as-usual
  • Create ideal customer journeys and prototype them rapidly
  • Discover powerful new business models, products, and services
  • Build an enterprise-wide culture of creativity and innovation
  • Explore ways to hyper-personalize your user experiences
  • Trust design thinking experts to plan and facilitate productive workshops

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