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Designing a Smarter Future – Panasonic India in collaboration with TCS announces its India Innovation Center from Bangalore


Panasonic India & TCS, inaugurated the Center of Excellence (CoE) under the aegis of Panasonic’s India Innovation Center which will be their first innovation hub in India. This state of the art facility will be located at TCS – Bengaluru, which will bring the best minds from the country together to develop transformative solutions on Panasonic’s five key focus areas – Connected/ Community, Mobility, Energy, Industrial and Finance Solutions.

Panasonic is transforming its business model to offer disruptive technologies in the field of IoT, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence (AI). TCS will bring in Industry know-how, best & global Innovation practices, and create an ecosystem for Panasonic to shape future product strategy, and enable in digital transformation.

Some key highlights from inauguration:

  • Panasonic India & TCS will drive innovation and create new business opportunities in the space of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The Center of Excellence (CoE) – a part of India Innovation Center (IIC) in collaboration with TCS will bring the best minds from both companies together to develop Panasonic’s transformative solutions in five key domains – Connected Home / Community, Mobility, Energy, Industrial and Finance Solutions to develop state of the art products.
  • Panasonic India and TCS will also collaborate to bring their knowledge of technologies, industry best practices and understanding of Indian market

Read the complete Press Release here