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In a fast-changing business environment characterized by technological disruption, enterprises need to develop a strong orientation towards innovation, which can help them visualize the future and identify significant changes emerging in the industry.

At TCS COIN™ Accelerators, our teams proactively analyze such technological disruptions through strategic partnerships with start-ups, and develop rapid prototyping solutions over a four- to six-week period to solve client problems.

The participating start-up communities are distributed across geographies such as the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and India. This dedicated global team helps TCS COIN™ Accelerators locate the sweet spot between disruption and innovation-led growth.

TCS COIN™ Accelerators use collaboration as the bedrock of innovation, and employ agility to rapidly transform ideas into solutions. With the support of these innovation ecosystems, clients gain access to unique and differentiated solutions, as well as the knowhow to leverage them and bring speed and agility to operations.

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