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Over the past three decades, TCS has established itself as a pioneer in software research, and has continued to systematically invest in research and innovation. In this fast-changing world, exploration of early-stage disruptive technologies is the key to managing technology risk and staying relevant to our customers.

By creating tools and frameworks for software development, TCS has been able to deliver large and complex projects for customers around the world. This has paved the way for a fast-growing research ecosystem that brings together stakeholders from across the organization, industry, and academia.

At TCS, we work on diverse research areas to develop transformative solutions under two distinct heads:

TCS Research: We undertake research in emerging fields in order to contribute to global thought leadership and create an intellectual foundation to address current and future business and technology opportunities. The areas in which we are pursuing research are:

  • Behavioral, Business, and Social Sciences
  • Computing Systems
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Data and Decision Sciences
  • Deep Learning and AI
  • Embedded Devices & Intelligent Systems
  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems
  • Foundations of Computing
  • Life Sciences
  • Media and Advertising
  • Physical Sciences
  • Software Systems and Services

Innovate to Impact: Research is the foundation on which robust innovation is built. TCS relies on research-based innovation to solve customer challenges and provide impactful solutions. We have a network of Innovation Labs that are focused on domains and technologies, and which enable agile proofs of concept that can later be scaled to commercial offerings.

TCS Innovation teams engage closely with customers and leading technologists through a number of events such as Innovation Forums, Innovation days, and round-table discussions. Initiatives such as mKrishi and the Accessibility Center of Excellence are examples of how Innovation at TCS has led to positive social impact. 

Research Careers

We seek researchers who will advance our work in the core research areas, create R&I assets, and enhance the visibility of organizational capabilities. We offer an intellectually stimulating research environment. If you are from a premier institute and would like to pursue a Research career at TCS, please visit Research Careers. You can also write to us at:

Dr. Gautam Shroff, Vice President and Chief Scientist  heads TCS Research.  

TCS EVP & CTO K Ananth Krishnan talks on TCS Research and Innovation, Watch the video here