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  • TCS is the proud Sponsor of Asia’s largest marathon and one of
     the top 10 marathons in the world–The Tata Mumbai Marathon.
  • The marathon embodies community spirit and harnesses abundance to pull together thousands from across the world.
  • The event hosted 55,322 runners from three continents.

Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 Highlights

Catch a glimpse of the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

January 19, 2020, saw over 50,000 runners from India and across the world participate in Asia’s biggest running event, the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 (TMM 2020). A crisp Sunday morning in Mumbai brought together professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and amateur runners across age groups, with everyone racing to push boundaries and accomplish their goals.

Whether it was running the entire distance of 42km, clinching the half marathon, hitting an individual milestone with 10K, or participating in the Dream Run (5.9km) category, every participant embodied the spirit and essence of ‘Go Beyond’ – TCS’ theme for the year’s run. In addition, the Seniors and Champions with Disability race categories brought forth their own stories of inspiration from individuals who steadfastly broke through limitations presented by age or circumstance. 

American gymnast and seven-time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller flagged off the event as its international ambassador. Miller commented on her unique association with TMM 2020, “The Tata Mumbai Marathon is about bringing together a community. In a larger sense, what it has done is that it has got people moving; it has got them thinking about fitness. Fitness brings in energy, it enhances productivity, and it enriches life overall.”

Speaking about going beyond and fighting through her challenges, Miller, diagnosed with cancer in 2011, said the theme of her life now is to “go beyond.” “It’s not something you can do alone. In my case, I reached out to people, my coaches, my family. What also helps with going beyond is seeing someone else do it. This is what happens in a marathon. When you see other people pushing themselves no matter what their challenge, you get inspired to do it yourself too.”