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As TCS’ immersive STEM skills program goIT reaches the milestone of impacting 100k students, it’s time to embark on a journey around the world and continue empowering students while promoting tech-for-good.

TCS’ flagship STEM education program, goIT (go Innovate Together), empowers students with the skills and practice and provides mentorship to prepare them for careers of the future.  With over a decade of success and a footprint of 36 countries, goIT has now exceeded a direct student impact of 100 thousand students leading to the design of more than 26,000 tech-for-good digital innovation prototypes by young innovators.

On the heels of this significant milestone, goIT has embarked on a year-long, global tour to glean insights from our international network of industry leaders, non-profit partners, educators, and students.  We are making stops in eight countries with a focus on the goals of closing the STEM skills gap, diversifying our local STEM talent pipelines, and empowering our youth to think globally as digital innovators.

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