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  • François Dossa, JLR’s executive director for strategy and sustainability, highlights the impact of digitalization on the automotive industry. 

  • Dossa speaks about JLR’s vision of becoming carbon net-zero by 2039, and how a partner like TCS can help achieve that.

Jaguar Land Rover at TCS Summit, 2022

Find out what’s revolutionizing the automotive industry and how Jaguar Land Rover is embracing this change. François Dossa, JLR’s Executive Director for strategy and sustainability, describes the partnership with TCS and how it aligns with their vision.

Electric vehicles are taking over the automotive industry globally, and this change underlines the importance of sustainability. The first OEM to enter Formula E, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is reimagining sustainability across its electric vehicle ecosystem. During the TCS Summit 2022, held in March 2022 at Lisbon, Portugal, François Dossa, the company’s executive director for strategy and sustainability, took the audience through JLR’s vision of becoming carbon net zero by 2039 and explained how TCS’ shared values and innovation will help them get there.  


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