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WLAN / Carrier WiFi – Product Engineering and Testing


Get an accelerated product engineering roadmap and conformance/pre-certification mandates leveraging TCS’ WLAN capabilities, solution accelerators, services and frameworks. 

TCS Advantage

TCS brings you a unique combination of WLAN test frameworks, Wi-Fi test labs, Wi-Fi / Carrier Wi-Fi product engineering capabilities and protocol knowledge to help you achieve accelerated product development.


We help you develop innovative WLAN solutions/products to meet the growing demand of the industry. TCS’ WLAN services include the following:

    WLAN / Carrier WiFi – Product Engineering and Testing
  • Systems / requirements engineering
  • Focus on next generation technologies
  • Due-diligence and architecture
  • Design to development
  • Conformance / pre-certification
  • Telecom network services 

TCS is a member of the WiFi Alliance and leverages its expertise in tandem with the know-how of the alliance to extend value-added services to its customers.

Our capability in WLAN enables us to accelerate the roll-out of your flagship products. Our core services include the following:

  •  Protocol development of newer standards like 802.11n / ac / ad and sustenance of legacy protocols like 802.11 a/b/g
  • Application layer feature development and enhancement
    • User interfaces (CLI, Web etc.)
    • Adaptation layer (SNMP/TR069 etc.)
    • Access point WLAN controller features (security, configuration, policy management)
  •  Device drivers development and support
  •  Develop, support and test management software
    • Wi-Fi network management
    • Wi-Fi design planning suite
    • Device management
  • Carrier / service provider Wi-Fi product engineering
    • 802.11u / ANDSF
    • Seamless authentication 802.11i/WPA2
    • Seamless handover strategies
  •  Conformance testing – protocol conformance and validation of the following:
    • Access points
    • WLAN controllers
    • Mobile devices
  •  Provide telecom network services
    • System integration
    • Installation, commissioning and deployment

Our key solutions accelerators that help you with an accelerated turnaround include the following:

  • Test Automation: WLAN test automation framework for accelerated AP / device WiFi conformance
  • WiFi Conformance: Conformance testing (pre pre-certification) as per the WiFi Alliance specifications
  •  TCS’ WiFi Test Lab: Enables the conformance testing of customer APs / WLAN Controller (as per WiFi Alliance specifications) prior to pre-certification
  •  TCS’ Mobile Device Test Lab: Enables devices / chipsets to be validated for conformance as per your test specifications


  • Ready-to-use solution accelerators / frameworks: TCS’ pre-built innovative solutions (WLAN Test automation framework, etc.) are ready-to-deploy, based on your requirements. These bring down your costs (typically 30% TCO over 12-18 months) and time-to-market (typically 15%).
  • Leveraging TCS’ WLAN and Device Conformance Lab: TCS’ WiFi and device test labs and services enable the efficient validation of your access points / mobile devices as per specifications.
  • Joint solutions in niche-technologies: We help you implement next-generation solutions leveraging our expertise in WLAN and additional niche technologies (Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Telco cloud – platform / application virtualization)


IP Networking Services

The dramatic rise in global mobile traffic will drive a paradigm shift toward next generation networks and applications. With over 20 years of telecom domain expertise, we help you deliver next generation solutions to the market more rapidly with TCS’ NextGen R&D Service – IP Networking.


LTE R&D Services

Optimize costs and reduce the time-to-market of LTE and LTE-Advanced products with TCS’ LTE R&D Services and proven end-to-end product engineering capabilities.