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Powertrain Engineering Solutions

Accelerate powertrain engineering processes for faster design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing with TCS Powertrain Engineering Solutions for both engine and transmission systems, achieving nearly 50 percent cost reduction.

Innovation in powertrain engineering across the automotive industry continues to gain impetus from the increasing demands of regulators and consumers. It is vital for the powertrain value chain to be lean and agile to contribute to profitable growth for enterprises.


Our Solution

TCS Powertrain Engineering Solutions include:

  • Engine development: Design of components, subsystems and systems; program support; value engineering; and packaging studies
  • Virtual simulations: Validation of durability and fatigue, noise and vibration, thermal management, combustion, and overall performance
  • Engineering design: Design support, dimensional management, and custom tool development
  • Powertrain electronics: Design and development, verification and validation, hardware development, calibration, and diagnostics
  • Transmission engineering: Structural strength evaluation, stress and sealing assessments, vibration and dynamics, dimensional management, and more


TCS' Powertrain Engineering Solutions help automotive companies reap the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs for engine prototyping with digital prototyping.
  • Increased business agility leveraging virtual simulation to reduce development cycle time
  • Enhanced operational efficiency institutionalizing automated workflows
  • Lower warranty costs using computer-aided engineering (CAE) to simulate field failure problems.
  • Quality excellence: Ensure better drivability and safety features by enhancing the reliability of powertrain engineering systems.

The TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, you can gain from the following differentiators:

  • Domain expertise: Rich experience across all technologies from gasoline to diesel engines, manual transmissions to CVTs, controls software to calibration, and electric vehicles to batteries.
  • CAE maturity: TCS has set up a dedicated center of excellence for fostering best practices in the area of high performance computing.
  • Turnkey tools and assets: Our solutions in leverage proprietary tools for test automation and code analysis, among others, as well as turnkey assets and components
  • Customizable solution set: Our processes for model based development of powertrain electronics, control, and software can be customized to your unique business requirements.

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