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TCS helps NEI reduce time to market for its new product development processes

In this video, Srini Dampur, VP R&D, National Engineering Industries Ltd, India, highlights how TCS’ global experience as a PLM implementation partner has helped reduce the time to market for its new product development processes.




NEI is one of the fastest growing bearing companies in India. The client wanted significant improvement in customer response time and the product development process. NEI chose TCS as its program partner for PLM implementation and has been working together for three years.

Both companies have been there for more than 100 years and they are highly ethical. That’s one reason we found that partnering with TCS we had better integration in terms of project implementation. Whatever we needed I think TCS has delivered.”
- Srini Dampur, VP R&D, National Engineering Industries Ltd, India.

Experience Results
Dampur highlights that during its three year partnership, TCS has delivered in the following key areas:

  • Customer response during RFQ (Request for Quote), reduced from 40 days to 21 days
  • Lead time to develop new products reduced from 200 days to 114 days
  • Best in class change management process, reducing response time for change
  • NPD sales increased by 9% to 14% with respect to the  turnover of the company

Experience Partnership
TCS was flexible in understanding processes within NEI that were not fully matured and helped improve them to world class levels.

Experience Leadership
TCS’ global experience in working with similar historic companies allowed it to anticipate issues which helped in the implementation of the project. TCS management ensured very open communication and no hidden agendas which brought in agility.

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