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Demand Signal Management for CPG Companies

Gain rapid insight into consumer demand by analyzing downstream data in near real-time.

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As new products are developed and launched, and new promotions rolled out, tremendous volumes of downstream data are produced. To gain insight into consumer demand, i.e. popular items versus slow moving ones, CPG companies need to quickly analyze point of sale (POS) data.

How can CPG companies ensure that retailers have enough inventories to meet customer demand, knowing that a shortage of inventory is the key reason for new product failures? How can CPG companies help retailers swiftly realign their promotional strategies based on the response a promotion is receiving in a particular region or store?

Challenged to establish a “single source of truth”, CPG companies lack the ability to accurately monitor and quickly respond to fluctuating consumer demands, frequently resulting in sales promotions that run out of stock, leading to lost business and customers. They endure more product launch failures than they otherwise would, inventory costs are higher than need be, and ROI on trade promotions often turns negative.

To resolve these challenge, TCS offers you a powerful, near-real-time analytics solution- SAP DSiM, powered by SAP HANA.

Our Solution

Our solution helps CPG companies capture analytical insights. Data can be mined and analyzed in near-real time to drive informed decisions pertaining to sales promotions, marketing, supply chain, product development and more.

Delivered Insights:


  • Sales performance
  • Inventory turnover
  • Gross Margin
  • Out of Stock Occurrences

Lead Time:

  • Retailer and internal POS data analysis
  • Store/geography out of shelf signals
  • Distribution center identification

Trade Spend Effectiveness (non-SAP TPM environment):

  • Product / product groups with positive / negative outcomes
  • Incremental volumes from past promotions
  • Promotion success rates for retailers, distributors and regions
  • Overall impact of TSE towards profitability
  • Increased/decreased trade spend scenarios


  • Sales trends
  • Base versus incremental sales
  • Merchandising promotions sales
  • Category Development Index
  • Market Basket Analysis



  • TCS’ DSiM offering provides the following additional functionality beyond the standard SAP offerings:
  • SKU Insights for Inventory Optimization— Monitor product SKUs to determine slow-moving product trends to help organizations reduce inventory costs and improve profitability.
  • Lead Time Insights for Inventory Optimization— Gain insight into time taken for products to be manufactured, warehoused and shipped to help optimize inventory levels and associated costs while ensuring available product stock meets demand.
  • Trade Spend Effectiveness—Provides the data needed to continually improve ROI for product launches and trade promotions. TCS helps maximize sales at minimal cost by mining data for insights and direction that can be applied to future trade promotions.
  • Category Insights— Offers increased market insight by allowing organizations to track and compare sales by brand category based on market research.


The TCS Advantage

TCS DSiM is based on business specific requirements and ground realities faced by CPG organizations. With our deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions of CPG organizations, we align to your business needs.

Our strength comes from:

  • DSiM Product Expertise: Experience and understanding of the SAP DSiM product from direct involvement testing on each one of the DSiM modules deep understanding of DSiM use cases capturing business and functional requirements.
  • Analytical Leadership: Consultants trained on SAP DSiM form part of the analytical domain which includes over 600 Analytical implementations for Global 2000 companies.
  • SAP HANA CoE: Based in Cincinnati, we provide a SAP HANA environment for a complete SAP HANA toolset experience, including integration with other SAP Components and non-SAP components.


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