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Field Service Management Solution

TCS’ Field Service Management (FSM) solution includes the use of IT-enabled field service management tools that provide a technician access to relevant information from a central database. This facilitates the formulation of a faster and consistent solution to bring back the out-of-business equipment into a revenue generating state.

Our solution provides a process-centric, easy-to-use and well-knitted combination of Siebel components. The solution comprises the following:

  • An Appointment Booking System (ABS) to assign the nearest available right technician
  • Integration with Google Maps, using real-time Google traffic data to identify the shortest and fastest route to help the Field Service Technician (FST) reach the repair site in the shortest possible time
  • Oracle Siebel’s task-based User Interface (UI) to guide the FST to complete the repair tasks and help you satisfactorily close the service request


  • Optimization in leveraging your skilled field workforce
  • Increased opportunities for up-selling of other products / services and increased ability for multi-brand servicing organizations to expand equipment base with differentiated service
  • Maintenance of an accurate installed base information with regard to repair history for the precise forecasting of service revenue and spare parts inventory
  • Minimized number of trips to the repair site, thereby enhancing the green quotient
  • A solution base to overcome the challenge of backfilling a large, retiring, skilled workforce
  • An IT platform that enables the deployment of the latest technology trends such as usage of mobile video streaming for diagnostic instructions

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