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Maximize Revenue and Growth with Next Gen Customer Service

With customer engagements becoming digital, more transparent and agile, businesses with traditional customer service strategies are struggling to compete in this complex environment. Listen to Oracle and TCS’ CX experts and understand the key strategies and capabilities that successful businesses are adopting to consistently deliver memorable customer engagements around the world.

Enterprises are continuously looking for ways to acquire and retain customers and reduce operational costs. Meanwhile, customers have become increasingly aware of the various touch points to interact with the brand. With introduction of gamification, assisted service, self-service options and social media, the consumer perception of service across verticals has been re-shaped. They expect the brand to provide appropriate and timely solutions by  understanding them and their concerns. With customer service becoming an integral part of CX, companies are in turn utilizing customer data as a powerful source for improving the service function and building revenue- and loyalty.

Innovation in the customer journey mapping, product evaluation, and capability assessment have revolutionized customer experience. TCS and Oracle solutions for customer service provide the transparency and actionable insights that are needed to enhance brand loyalty and ensure profitability. Our solutions, based on Oracle’s Service Cloud, deliver innovation and outstanding capabilities in transforming CX processes and frameworks to a number of leading global companies across verticals.

Learn more on how TCS leverages the Oracle Service Cloud to help businesses solve some of their biggest customer service challenges.

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