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TCS Accelerated SAP Human Capital Management Framework

Successful organizations operating in a global landscape complement corporate strategy with a powerful human resource function. For organizations to improve operational efficiency and productivity, and reduce the cost to deliver HR services, it is imperative to invest in superior human capital management (HCM) solutions. The Accelerated SAP HCM framework from TCS includes pre-designed solutions for SAP HCM and a vast knowledge repository that can be readily deployed for SAP HCM implementations and rollouts.

Overview  |  Benefits  |  The TCS Advantage 


Organizations operating in a globally dispersed environment often deploy multiple systems and applications to manage their human resource function effectively. In a bid to consolidate enterprise applications, and encourage seamless collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, enterprises today choose to implement SAP HCM solutions. SAP HCM enables automation of processes for talent management, payroll, collaboration and data analysis, thereby driving organizational efficiency. TCS’ Accelerated SAP HCM framework serves as a jump-start kit for HCM implementations and rollouts with industry specific templates that introduce global best practices. With a data migration program that generates templates and uploads master data, our solution minimizes development effort and improves data migration quality. Backed by a vast knowledge repository, our framework leverages readily available assets including test scripts, adaptable test strategies, data migration strategies, cutover strategies and user training materials.   


Our Accelerated SAP HCM framework offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce implementation cycle time: Achieve faster time-to-market by ensuring efficiency and higher employee productivity. Accelerate your SAP HCM implementation with our jump-start kits. Support rapid application development with industry specific assets and accelerators.
  • Ensure compliance and assure quality: Comply with local regulations and SOX guidelines by leveraging readily deployable industry best practices frameworks. Reduce risk and increase transparency across all human resource functions. Improve organizational efficiency and quality with consistent processes and accurate data.
  • Leverage scalability: Leverage the solution’s flexible design and easy adaptability to address your enterprise’s multi-country, multi-lingual requirements. Harness the framework’s scalability to comprehensively address your global reporting needs. Easily extend it to serve future business requirements.
  • Improve implementation effectiveness: Ensure the effectiveness of your implementation by leveraging proven industry best practices. Visualize and validate your solution even before you begin deployment with our pre-designed solution that provides a platform for demos and prototype solutions. With this verification, you deploy a solution that achieves the objective of streamlining all of your organization’s HCM functions.

The TCS Advantage

TCS partners with SAP to help organizations operate with greater agility, increased performance and operational excellence. As an SAP Global Partner, TCS is well positioned to design and implement complex SAP engagements, as well as evolve and transform SAP landscapes to achieve more business value and strong ROI. Coinnovation
with SAP and early ramp-up of new technology concepts in our dedicated TCS SAP Competency Centers play an integral role in this partnership. This enables us to deliver innovative HCM solutions that are customized to meet the individual needs of your
organization. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Defined jump-start kit: Our Accelerated SAP HCM framework encompasses industry relevant business blueprints, business process diagrams and pre-configured global templates. These serve as a jump-start kit for the requirements and design
    phases of the implementation, reducing IT implementation costs, and timelines
  • Mature assets and accelerators: Our consultants deliver superior SAP HCM implementations using TCS’ assets including test scripts, test, data migration and cutover strategies, and user training guides. Reusable programs and solution accelerators present in the framework’s code libraries further support the deployment of regulatory compliant HCM solutions.
  • Multi-lingual support: With a repository that promotes the use of Key Data Structures with multi-lingual configuration values, our solution is designed to support deployments across countries.

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