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TCS B2B Digital Commerce Solution

Traditionally, large industrial and automotive enterprises have reached their customers through a network of wholesalers and distributors. However, the rising demand from B2B customers for a user-friendly, and consistent digital purchase experience is prompting enterprises to explore offering a cross-channel digital commerce solution.

TCS' B2B Digital Commerce solution helps organizations streamline commerce functions across the enterprise to deliver an engaging and consistent buying experience across multiple channels.

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Our Solution

TCS' B2B Digital Commerce solution leverages Oracle Commerce to deliver an e-commerce platform,
characterized by personalized, information-rich product catalogs, that facilitates an engaging online
buying experience. Our solution provides a unified view of catalogs to enterprise-buyers, thus simplifying the order management process. Our integration framework enables data exchange, pertaining to order fulfillment, customer and product data management, and other back-end systems. Designed to help B2B organizations deliver B2C-like buying experiences, our solution addresses the following:

  • Empowers sales with mobile assistance to up-sell high margin and complex products anytime, anywhere
  • Includes preconfigured key B2B use cases for product and/or parts browsing, inventory and availability check and order management
  • Offers Pre-configured interfaces for master data that integrate with ERP, CRM and other third-party
    enterprise systems
  • Simplifies order management complexities through robust integration with the e-commerce platform
  • Unifies complex global commerce operations and transactions


TCS' B2B Digital Commerce Solution helps manufacturers:

  • Provide a differentiated and consistent shopping experience to buyers at different touch-points across geographies and business lines
  • Ensures quick and consistent global deployment of the digital e-commerce platform for distinct
    competitive advantage
  • Empowers sales representatives with instant, up-to-date product and pricing information

TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, you can leverage TCS':

  • Domain expertise: Our offering covers a wide range of industry proven business processes adopted by various types of organizations across the sector. We offer a comprehensive catalog of key performance indicators (KPIs) pertaining to the manufacturing industry.
  • Relevant experience: TCS has implemented this solution for global industrial manufacturers. We
    are well equipped to address the typical challenges and complexities that B2B enterprises face in their commerce transformation journeys.
  • End-to-end e-commerce consulting services: Our comprehensive and agile digital e-commerce solution is underpinned by our proprietary CX Design™ framework, which helps customers craft a winning digital commerce strategy and define modern and productive process flows. We also help customers define target operating models for their multi-country and multi-division commerce operations, ensuring they deliver consistent B2B shopping experiences around the world.
  • Mature assets: Our digital e-commerce solution includes pre-configured use-cases and ready-to use interfaces that enable rapid and smooth integration of data concerning customers, products, and orders.
  • Award winning Oracle services: TCS’ decade long partnership with Oracle empowers us to bring cutting-edge product innovations and high quality transformation services faster to customers.


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