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TCS’ SAP experts deliver innovative big data solutions utilizing SAP Hana

TCS’ SAP experts share their experiences with SAP Hana, the latest real-time, in-memory computing technology, enabling companies to access data in record time to derive meaningful analytics. A global SAP partner, TCS is an early adopter of SAP Hana, delivering industry-specific innovative solutions.




Spandan Mahapatra, Global Head, North America SAP Relationship, TCS, explains how TCS’ aggressive collaboration with SAP to support their latest big data tool, SAP Hana, has driven innovative analytics solutions for several key clients.

John Woedl, Lead Engineer for SAP Hana - Utilities, TCS, explains, “SAP Hana is the future of big businesses. If you have a lot of data, if you have high-speed systems you need to monitor hourly, daily, this is what you need to be using.” 

Learn more about TCS’ innovative work around SAP Hana to solve clients’ big data challenges with customized solutions designed for insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, retail and a host of other industries.

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