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Emerging Paradigms and the Future of Business

Futurist and innovative thinkers from TCS and SAP discuss disruptive technology changing the future of business in the ‘Coffee Break with Game-Changers’ radio discussion presented by SAP.

The pace and scale of change is hitting unprecedented levels. This creates unique challenges for the future of business. We are witnessing new and emerging paradigms, exciting innovations in energy, challenges due to resource scarcity, big implications for the climate and environment, an increasing blurring of physical and digital boundaries, growing business decentralization, exponential progression, and many more global drivers – all contributing to an uncertain future. 

Futurists worldwide, including our expert panelists, are examining these factors and assessing their potential business impact.

Tune into the SAP Radio podcast to gain insight from this engaging discussion with our expert panelists:
  • Frank Diana, Principal, Business Evolution, TCS
  • Gray Scott, Futurist and Emerging Technology Expert
  • Timo Elliott, VP and Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP

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