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Driving Service Excellence through Digital Technology in the Automotive Industry

The emergence of new technologies has made it possible for the automotive industry to adopt new business models and customer engagement strategies. OEMs and their channel partners are increasingly employing remote vehicle diagnostics, in-vehicle entertainment systems, social media marketing, and mobile customer services to build transformative offerings for their consumers.

For years, the prohibitive costs of building sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) platforms had discouraged automotive companies from fully employing automation. But with the emerging prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and rising expectations around customer experience (CX), the automotive industry needs to effectively use digital technologies to engage consumers.

The focus is moving from automation and optimization of specific processes to a transformation of the entire CX and adoption of new business models. That is, the process-centric approach of the past has given way to a new customer-centric approach.

While cell phones make it easier for brands to connect with consumers, telematics allows monitoring of products. OEMs and channel partners need to:

Engage with customers across new channels: New channels offer not only deeper engagement but also better data. For example, usage-based insurance enabled by the IoT can track each driver’s behavior to offer a personalized insurance rate plan.

Explore new operating models in after-sales service: Instead of relying on channel partners, OEMs can now directly gather information on vehicle service history and customer interactions. This allows for new operating models and better, customized service.

A successful digital engagement solution needs to blend hardware, software, communication, and value-added services, while integrating with core operations. It needs to cater to all stakeholders: consumers, dealers, distributors, and suppliers. With a well thought out strategy in place, OEMs now have the means to deliver true service excellence.

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