The Wonder Woman Myth and The Modern Corporation

Global HR leaders Dr Ritu Anand, TCS and Jennifer Anglehart, B/E Aerospace discuss the role government and corporate policy play in rebalancing the load for women. Listen to the podcast for insights on work-life integration in the future of work.

Female professionals regularly score higher on team performance than their male counterparts. Yet, in this fast moving world, too many women struggle to manage a ‘double shift’ at work and at home while grappling with unrealistic pressure to be, do and have it all. While women work more hours than ever– a median increase of 80% between 1979 and 2012– few companies provide the kind of support that women need to be successful.

SAP Radio expert panelists share insights on how diverse teams excel with agility, compassion an empathy—and can reconsider how women, men and organizations integrate work and life demands. Listen to this engaging discussion that explores the role of government and corporate policy in the future of work in rebalancing the load for women in the workplace, parental leave, flex-time, career planning and more

Expert panelists:

  • Ritu Anand, Ph.D., Vice President and Deputy Head, Global HR and Talent Management, TCS
  • Jennifer Anglehart, Global Manager, Talent Acquisition, B/E Aerospace

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