TCS Diabetes Readmission Predictive Analytics Model

TCS' Diabetes Readmission Predictive Analytics model is a plug-and-play solution that analyses patient encounter information for diabetic patients. This offering leverages a large clinical database in combination with socio-economic and demographic data, as a reference point, to identify high-risk patients.


This Diabetes Readmission Predictive Analytic Model helps providers in improving the quality of healthcare by predicting the risk of hospital readmission for diabetic patients. The solution can:

  • Enhance the overall quality and efficiency of care.
  • Expand customer base.
  • Reduce readmission rates.
  • Increase revenues and profits

The TCS Advantage

Working on a statistical method to analyze inpatient encounter information and predict probability of read mission based on HbA1c testing, this model can help providers in identifying high risk patients who need admission and can administer proper care to improve the quality of service and prevent read missions thereby reducing adverse events, and consequently reduction in cost of care.

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