• US health care company recreates its online presence and improves customer satisfaction 
    Patient Engagement — Short-lived Buzzword or Long Term Necessity? Patient engagement is more than a buzzword now and healthcare industry stakeholders need to promote its adoption in order to maintain a cost effective model.
    The Heart of Healthcare Data Security - De-Risking Test and Production Environments The foundation of a robust healthcare data security network rests on organizations adopting newer business models and latest technologies
    TCS' Enterprise Real-Time Radiopharmacy And SAP Solutions Help Cardinal Health Transform Its IT Operations TCS implemented a real-time radio-pharmacy system that helped Cardinal Health produce and deliver high-value, short-shelf-life products timely and efficiently.

TCS enables healthcare organizations to reimagine their business and transform their operations, to become consumer-oriented companies and improve the quality and outcome of care.

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TCS improves retention rate and customer experience for a UK-based health insurer

Client Successes

TCS implemented a CRM solution for a health insurer in UK, which increased the total retained annual premium income by over GBP 400,000 and the customer contact rate by 7%.

New Normal in Health Insurance – Private HIX and Technology Transformation Imperatives

White Paper

Read how new market opportunities created by technology transformation and private Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) can be tapped with strong focus on technology-driven healthcare ecosystem and consumer-driven business models and products.

White Paper

The healthcare industry stakeholders have to strike the right balance between real-time and near-real-time data originating from various sources. This whitepaper discusses in detail how data integration challenges can be solved through a unique concept of Sharehub.

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