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ICD 10 Compliance


Migration has its own challenges, irrespective of the type of migration. Nonetheless, it holds a promise for a better future. The key to capitalizing the full potential of this transformation is to look at the business aspects and unearth the opportunity that the compliance would lead to. It is highly recommended that organizations start preparing for this migration at strategic levels to derive optimum benefits.

Client Challenges

With the compliance date set to October 1, 2013, the ICD remediation has emerged as a mammoth challenge for the US healthcare industry. Any non-compliance will undoubtedly have a significant implication on payers, providers, pharmacies, lab and intermediaries.

ICD migration is dependent on certain factors, including the following:

  • Critical business criteria identification
  • Remediation management
  • Assurance
  • Training and change management

what tCS provides

TCS’ ICD 10 Compliance offering acknowledges that each organization is uniquely positioned at this point in time for the migration and will differ in its approach and the extent of changes required in systems, people or processes. We customize our solution according to your specific requirements.

Our ICD offerings include the following:

  • Assessment accelerators and program management toolkit
  • Remediation road map: Critical criteria analysis including cost benefit
  • Remediation solutions including crosswalk solutions, system upgrades, system implementation and integration
  • Assurance toolkit and services
  • Training and change management

Business value

Migrating to the ICD 10 code sets will substantially benefit all stakeholders. Some of these include the following: 

  • More accurate reimbursement and claims process management at payer organizations
  • Improved coding of diagnostics, diseases and procedures, leading to better analytics for improved costs and better plans for satisfied customers
  • Improved patient safety and understanding of mortality and morbidity data in the long-term

White Papers

Health Plans: Facing The ICD Challenge

In this white paper, we analyze the benefits beyond ICD remediation by providing regulation insights, impact of the new regulations, benefits of ICD 10 codes to the stakeholders and the potential impact of ICD 10 implementation in the healthcare ecosystem.