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Document Formatting Accelerator


Organizations, today, seek new avenues to increase top-line growth, with a focus on driving leaner, more efficient operations to reduce overheads. This outlook entails automating repetitive and laborious tasks such as documentation - a resource-, time- and effort-intensive exercise that is of critical importance, especially from the business process and product perspective.

With the number of documents to be formatted, branded and subsequently managed growing exponentially, enterprises today need a tool that streamlines the documentation process.

TCS’ Document Formatting Accelerator enables organizations to significantly reduce documentation formatting effort. An easy-to-use tool, this accelerator converts raw files into fully formatted documents that are compliant with the organization’s brand guidelines. By facilitating the management of formatting rules at a level of granularity not offered by standard templates, the tool presents organizations with the ability to customize documentation to best address business requirements.

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Our Offering

With the increased proliferation of technology and the corresponding devices that render electronic content consistently, organizations globally have witnessed an explosion in the number and size of electronic documents. This increased documentation volume negatively affects employee productivity even as different interpretations of formatting rules introduce document formatting inconsistencies. Ensuring consistency and compliance with brand guidelines for the multiple document formats is a key challenge for organizations today.

TCS’ Document Formatting Accelerator enables users to format raw input files into output documents based on predefined templates. The tool comprises three main components: the configuration manager to configure the location of raw input files, template files, and final output files; the template manager to map the individual elements in a layout as available in the template; and the rule manager to manage rules for the individual elements in a template. The rule manager allows need based rule activation and deactivation. By processing multiple input files at a time, the Accelerator streamlines documentation formatting to improve internal productivity.

Document Formatting Accelerator
An overview of TCS’ Document Formatting Accelerator that helps you significantly reduce documentation formatting effort

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Apart from simplifying documentation, TCS’ Document Formatting Accelerator extends the following business benefits:

  • 70-80% reduction in documentation time and effort: Reduce the effort taken to format documents by 70-80% by automating document formatting with predefined templates and formatting rules
  • Increased productivity: Format multiple documents in parallel, generating a larger number of electronic documents with leaner resources to respond to your business needs. Automate tedious, repetitive tasks to improve employee productivity
  • Enhanced documentation consistency: Standardize documentation in compliance with your brand guidelines. Leverage automation to deliver consistently formatted documents Reduced overheads: Realize significant savings on operational costs with a reduction in the time and resources consumed for documentation
  • Improved customization: Activate and deactivate rules, and achieve a finer level of granular control on rules to be applied to raw documents

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The TCS Advantage

Our solution is backed by our technology expertise and industry insight. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Intuitive design: The tool’s intuitive interface and simplified design support rapid deployment and use. With a short learning curve and visually compelling interface for rules management, you begin to derive benefits early on
  • Mature solution: Deployed at leading global organizations, our solution delivers proven cost benefits. It is further refined based on industry insights and best practices, to ensure its relevance
  • Innovation Labs and Co-innovation Network (COIN™): Our Innovation Labs and Co-innovation Network offer research-based solutions that leverage advanced technologies to support your business objectives and realize competitive advantage.

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Download Brochure (PDF, 93 KB)

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Case Studies

TCS consolidates document production services for a large professional services firm

TCS’ client, a global professional services firm, sought a solution that would enable better branding compliance and offer demand scalability of client documentation deliverables, along with fast response times and high customer satisfaction. We partnered with the firm and re-engineered the delivery model to address these requirements through standardized production methods and processes, as well as staffing flexibility.