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TCS Cloud Enterprise Application Integration Services


The ability to respond to market dynamics and embrace new technology is critical to sustaining competitive advantage in the hi-tech industry. Rapid product and technology obsolescence is compelling organizations to leverage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to reduce time-to-market and focus on core business development. Additionally, integrating social media tools into the organization's IT application portfolio to support effective marketing has assumed critical importance. With disparate products and applications resulting in a complex IT landscape, enterprises are now adopting Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offerings to lower costs and optimize resources.

TCS addresses your needs with our Cloud Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services. Our offering portfolio comprises of advisory and implementation services to deliver faster, flexible and cost effective integration solutions. TCS' Cloud EAI services help you embrace emerging technologies while streamlining your existing infrastructure, giving you a competitive advantage, lower costs, and faster time-to-market.

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Our Offerings

To drive organizational growth in today's hyper-competitive globalized market, organizations need to respond to market needs with agility. Enterprises are constantly implementing new technologies, but this incremental approach to IT application expansion renders IT infrastructure static and complex. These disparate applications and systems operating in silos often delay product launches and introduce operational overheads. Organizations are therefore leveraging application integration to optimize their IT landscape. Traditional EAI though comes with its own challenges, key concerns being significant implementation time lag and an increase in software and hardware licensing, and maintenance costs.

TCS' Cloud EAI offering provides enterprises cost effective, flexible and quicker cloud integration solutions. A comprehensive offering, our services encompass business case development, assessment and strategy formulation, product evaluation, architecture standardization, and implementation of private, public and hybrid cloud EAI solutions. Our service offering is further enriched by solution accelerators such as our cloud migration framework, ROI calculator, cloud EAI product comparison matrix, assessment questionnaire, and mature ready to use templates which accelerate the implementation of integration solutions. With TCS' Cloud EAI services, organizations can effectively interface with social networks and leverage them as an effective marketing tool as well as utilize the capabilities of SaaS applications for rapid growth.


  • Improved time to market – Accelerate time to market and realize first mover advantages through dynamically provisioned infrastructure.
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Optimize your upfront IT investments and slash operating expenditures by leveraging pay-as-you-use model to reduce TCO.
  • Flexible and scalable integration solution – Leverage the option to dynamically provision infrastructure to scale up or down, based on computing requirements. Manage your integration solution independently, with anywhere, anytime access provided to authorized personnel.

The TCS Advantage

TCS' extensive domain expertise and experience makes us the ideal partner for your software integration needs. Our customized services combined with our sharp focus on quality help you realize faster time-to-market. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Proven processes, methodologies, and tools: Our Cloud EAI offering is further enriched by our methodologies and an asset base comprising TCS Integration Methodology for Enterprises TM (TIME ), integration best practices, templates, and reusable frameworks for risk-free, industry standard implementations.
  • Mature Centers of Excellence (CoE): Our services draw upon the expertise of our global CoEs and leverage TCS' collaborative partnerships with technology vendors and academic institutions to provide unique, on-demand capabilities.
  • Strategic alliances: Our offering is backed by TCS' alliance with leading Cloud EAI service providers. This enables us to deliver industry proven best practices and niche technology solutions to the engagement.

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