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TCS Inventory Optimization Solution


Today, High Tech industries globally are grappling with rapid technology obsolescence, product proliferation and shorter product lifecycles. This impacts the supply chain of the organization, resulting in challenges such as plant inefficiency due to shrinking batch sizes, complexity in launching new products and a fluctuating inventory. Organizations need to optimize the overall strategy to avoid situations such as high inventory of end-of-life products, stock out of products in the growth or maturity phase and high inventory of products with low product lifecycle.

To address your inventory challenges, TCS offers the Inventory Optimization Solution. Our solution presents tried and tested techniques to develop strategies for and streamline your inventory. With the capability to streamline your inventory system to perform optimally and improve supply chain visibility through advanced analytics, our solution helps you manage your inventory efficiently and effectively ensuring highest level of customer service.

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Our Solution

TCS’ Inventory Optimization solution is devised to help you overcome the challenges associated with product proliferation and inventory uncertainty. Advanced analytics and modular inventory features help reduce the adverse effects of product proliferation. Through risk pooling and Available-To-Promise and Capable-To-Promise techniques, you can minimize the impact of demand variability. Our solution enables you to optimize and reduce inventory in areas including: plant production, assembly lines, transportation sites, sourcing policies, and postponement based on component commonality. As a result, your inventory presents accurate demand forecasts, demand growth, variability and demand price estimation. In addition, you can now lower inventory levels for various items, including raw materials and components, intermediates and finished goods, for every location and stage, across relevant planning periods.

Solution Benefits

Our offering is designed to benefit you in the following ways:

  • Enhance supply chain visibility and inventory-related decision-making: Get better visibility into supply chain trends and performance through descriptive analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools that help you take informed decisions
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce operational costs through continuous insight and by mitigating inventory cost drivers 
  • Improve customer service: Synchronize supply chain with improved customer service level for the inherent variability in supplier lead times, forecasts and production capacities
  • Increase planning productivity: Synchronize demand, inventory, and supply planning processes with sales and marketing plans
  • Enhance risk management: Leverage our strategic analysis capabilities to manage inventory-associated risks successfully 
  • Reduce supply chain uncertainties: Improve demand and supply variable initiatives in IT and in business areas; share knowledge about the successes and challenges of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ extensive domain understanding and our functional and technical experts make us the ideal partner for your inventory optimization needs. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Technology agnostic solutions: Our solution does not depend on a specific technology for its implementation and usage and integrates with your technology environment easily
  • Tailored offering: We have designed ’what-if’ scenario templates for the HiTech industry, including solutions for different scenarios tailored based on industry requirement
  • Ready analytics option: We offer a ready-to-use analytics option that leverages the proven TCS analytics platform, helping you move to market faster with an optimized inventory

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