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TCS OpenStack Cloud Services


The demand for next-generation virtualization solutions is growing due to the need for driving simplification and consolidation efficiencies to optimize cost. Business solutions that support technology based allocation and scaling of storage are also needed to address the dynamic nature of domain specific solutions and improve Return on Investment (ROI). This has resulted in the development of robust provisioning methods, allocation and use of storage, as well as network and computing by means of an Openstack Cloud platform. OpenStack enables businesses to develop and host flexible offerings with faster provisioning, both on public and private cloud platforms.

TCS provides OpenStack Cloud services with end-to-end support for consulting, implementation, deployment and monitoring of web applications on an OpenStack Cloud Platform. It accelerates the adoption of cloud computing strategy within the enterprise to consolidate and improve server utilization. The solution leverages existing TCS tools to enhance development productivity, reduce time to market and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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TCS’ OpenStack Cloud Services help in building virtualized cloud environments by using infrastructure and by leveraging different services provided by OpenStack to rapidly build and deploy web applications on private/public/hybrid cloud. Some of these services

  • Nova compute service VMs on Openstack Cloud with lowered TCO
  • Glance service library of server images for effective utilization
  • Keystone RabbitMQ Neutron VLANS and bridges through efficient networking techniques

Solution Benefits

  • Optimized costs and reduced TCO: TCS’ OpenStack Cloud Services are available on subscription-based billing which considerably lowers your TCO. It increases cost effectiveness by hosting applications on OpenStack Cloud and further optimizing the hardware, software licensing and maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced business performance: Our solution enables agility and massive scalability through its web-scale architecture on OpenStack Cloud, as well as dynamic provisioning and management of storage and computing resources.
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in: We deliver solutions for all types of cloud platforms including public, private and hybrid, enabling you to easily federate or move between clouds, thus ensuring unencumbered data and services, as well as, not being locked-in to a specific cloud vendor

The TCS Advantage

Our integrated OpenStack Cloud services enhance flexibility and interoperability for seamless deployment of enterprise solutions. The distinct advantages include:

  • Domain expertise: We bring to the table proven assessment methodologies and skilled resources on OpenStack Cloud platform, thereby helping enterprises implement solutions more efficiently and effectively.
  • Highly available and secure networks: Provide an extensible and robust framework for auto-provisioning of computing clusters as a service (CMaaS), dynamic provisioning of secure virtual networks equipped with adequate rules and policies through Firewall as a Service. This enables easy and simple configuration and reliable monitoring of the firewall.
  • TCUP: TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) enables deployment of sensor-based applications through platform APIs and software development kits (SDKs) for a secure, multi-tenant platform with minimal complexity.
  • TCS OpenStack-Test Framework (TEMPEST): Our framework provides a test suite to perform component based testing on different areas like Network, Block Storage, Object Storage and Image testing, etc. for reduced errors.
  • OpenStack Contributor: We have a contributor’s License Agreement (CCLA) with OpenStack that allows us to deliver continued innovation and value-add in the open source forum. As part of our CCLA agreement with OpenStack, we contribute to bug fixing, feature development, housekeeping, testing of bugs, security, documentation and translation.

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