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TCS Real Estate Mobile Solution


As the global economy shows signs of revival and valuations correct, the outlook for commercial real estate once again appears promising. To address the gradually growing demand, real estate agents need to be able to access property, deal, and lead information anytime, anywhere using mobile devices. Additionally, companies recognize the need for solutions that enhance customer interactions, while increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

TCS’ Real Estate Mobile solution is a mobile device app that helps agents and property managers in the real estate industry connect with customers on the go. By integrating with Google maps and existing enterprise back-end systems, our solution enables seamless information access and comprehensive management of leads. Our customizable solution is packed with advanced features such as calendar functions, social collaboration and document management, which results in improved efficiency for users and enhanced service for their clients.

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Our Offerings

In the highly person dependent real estate industry, companies are faced with the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of various stakeholders. For property managers looking to lease their property, collaborating with vendors, banks, tenants and buyers is their biggest concern. On the other hand, for real estate agents working as intermediaries to facilitate the buying and selling process, managing leads assumes key priority. Companies today need a single solution that addresses these diverse needs by integrating with enterprise CRM systems and empowering stakeholders on the move with relevant information.

The TCS Real Estate Mobile solution is an app for tablet devices that addresses the day to day needs of both property managers and real estate agents, thereby enhancing productivity. Our solution’s features such as 3-D view of the property with high quality images enable agents and managers to view and showcase the property on their tablet devices. By integrating with enterprise CRM, it provides quick and easy access to data such as property information, space details, lead details, appointments, reports and other inputs required for capturing and tracking lead status. Our app facilitates appointment scheduling, calendar synchronization, documents management, and integration with social media information to deliver a seamless work experience.


  • Gain efficiency: Realize improved productivity and working efficiency. Effectively manage your calendar, and obtain
    a complete and consistent view of all properties and leads, 24/7 from any location.
  • Convert more customers: Manage leads more effectively on the go, increase opportunities to convert incoming leads to customers by leveraging the app’s advanced lead management functionalities. Respond to customer queries and issues quickly and provide deal comparisons and competitive analysis against recent market conditions by integrating with external databases. Share demographic information such as income, age and ethnicity of selected regions with prospective clients to accelerate decision making and increase the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Improve planning and organization: Stay tuned with meetings, appointments, leads, deal status, and documents while focusing on core business functions. Access all the important information on one page, with a single click using the app’s intuitive Homepage.

The TCS Advantage

The TCS Real Estate Mobile app draws upon the expertise of our Real Estate Center of Excellence (CoE) and collaborative partnerships with niche industry players to provide unique, on-demand capabilities including:

  • Enhanced access: The solution’s homepage is designed to offer a snapshot view of all relevant information - Properties, Spaces, Leads and Deals- at the click of a button to promote easy access.
  • Ease of integration: This backend agnostic app can be easily integrated with your current systems for mobile enablement of all functions, providing agents and property managers access to information during meetings and customer visits.
  • Advanced features: By enabling integration with Google maps, our app facilitates custom search capabilities and provides critical location context for value added client servicing. Furthermore, by integrating with Email, Chat, Video Call, and social media apps as well as offering advanced filtering and sorting options, it offers users superior lead management functionality.

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