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Storage Data Protection Engineering Solutions


Data is an essential business driver – one that mandates efficient protection and management to drive business continuity. Hence, data protection has evolved into a business priority and a niche area in the storage product engineering space. 

TCS’ Storage Data Protection Engineering solutions help you build products and solutions that address issues of data corruption, theft, loss, leakage, availability, and recovery, while complying with changing regulatory compliances. Our services also address all data protection aspects including data identification, prioritization, classification, data security, availability, and destruction while improving the Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Client Challenges

  • Handling the growth of storage requirements owing to the explosive growth of business data
  • Managing the data protection and regulatory compliance needs with reduced costs, increased efficiency and better reliability
  • Providing customized solutions, keeping in mind the varying data protection needs of end customers

What TCS Provides

Our offerings include the following:

  • Product development, sustenance and quality assurance areas of the data protection product portfolio including the following:
    • Backup / Recovery
    • Archival
    • Comliance, eDiscovery and Search
    • De-duplication
    • Virtual tape library
    • Disaster recovery
    • Cloud data protection
    • Data encryption and data masking
  • Product development services for storage software and platform vendors covering the following data protection standards, leveraging various TCS solution accelerators:
    • Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)
    • Symantec Open Storage Technology (OST)
    • eXtensible Access Methods (XAM)
  • Plug-In development for individual and specific data protection needs to bridge the gap between products and the customer’s specific applications

Get the TCS Advantage

  • Access a dedicated pool of data protection certified professionals, leveraging the TCS storage ecosystem
  • Leverage TCS’ Co-Innovation Network™ (COIN™), a rich and diverse network that adds value through the entire technology landscape, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve

Busniess Value

TCS extends its in-depth expertise with end-customer storage data protection needs, product development, quality assurance and storage data protection with leading storage vendors. We bring a mature product development and QA methodology that helps us deliver consistent results despite the changing product specifications.

Our Storage Data Protection Engineering Solutions will equip Storage Vendors with the following:

  • Complete product development services with synergy between development and deployment services
  • Increased efficiency and reduced development and quality assurance (QA) costs using TCS’ solution accelerators, tools and frameworks
  • End-to-end data protection solutions for your end customers
  • Customized operating and financial models, which are provided in alignment with the required product development and business strategy


Storage Data Protection Engineering Solutions

Learn how TCS’ Storage Data Protection Engineering solutions address the issues of data corruption, theft, loss, leakage, availability and recovery, while complying with the changing regulatory compliances.

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