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Enterprise Collaboration


Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the importance of collaboration as a means of creating efficiencies, empowering employees and gaining a competitive advantage. It has been proved that successful collaboration is essential to the well-functioning of any business enterprise. Today, people are trying to figure out better ways to work together and share information around the task rather than just sending e-mails.


TCS’ Enterprise Collaboration offering helps you to foster an innovative culture within your organization by promoting effective communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. It offers solutions to design and deploy Enterprise 2.0 enabled Open Source Collaboration platforms. It also helps introduce proper governance, moderate, and access controls to provide structured, manageable, sustainable and accountable enrichment of your organization’s knowledge base.

Client Challenges

  • Coping with hard-to-find and unmanageable volumes of data within organizations
  • Locating the right expertise at the appropriate times
  • Avoiding duplication of work caused by the lack of skill awareness
  • Creating opportunities to innovate by teaming up the right people

What TCS Provides

  • A robust platform for Enterprise Collaboration on some of the well-known collaboration platforms like Confluence and Jive
  • Proven, objective and quantifiable models that help you assess the readiness and maturity of your organization to adopt a platform driven by Enterprise 2.0
  • A robust enterprise search facility to enable easy access and availability, thereby reducing the complexity in information flow
  • Alliance with Jive, enabling a strong focus on competency development
  • Access to TCS’ dedicated Web 2.0 Innovation Labs that focus on leading-edge developments in Web 2.0

Business Value

At TCS, we work with you as partners to help you deploy Enterprise 2.0-enabled Open Source Collaboration solutions. You also stand to gain the following:

  • Improved enterprise, team and individual productivity
  • Innovation across all levels of the organization
  • Improved knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • An efficient connect with relevant people within the organization
  • Improved Return on Investment (RoI) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Enterprise Collaboration

Learn how TCS’ Enterprise Collaboration offering can help you build an Enterprise 2.0-enabled platform and tap collective intelligence from various stakeholders like employees, customers and partners.