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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions


With the global economy getting more competitive, enterprises seek to be equipped with robust IT infrastructure and processes to respond faster to the changing market trends and user requirements, and ensure continual growth. They look for alternative solutions that arrest the proliferation of desktops, minimize desktop management time and reduce operational expenses.


At TCS, we leverage our experience in the infrastructure space and offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to create a centrally-managed virtual desktop environment that streamlines the planning, rollout and management of desktop infrastructure. Our vendor-agnostic solutions offer increased desktop manageability, improved operational costs and better user responsiveness.

Client Challenges

  • Coping with the enormous growth in the number of desktops due to the ever-growing business needs
  • Reducing the time and effort for new desktop provisioning
  • Managing the IT security and vulnerability at the desktop level in a distributed and globalized environment
  • Providing customized solutions to the end customers in place of canned solutions that are less flexible
  • Extending enterprise disaster recovery and business continuity processes to desktops
  • Maintaining patch compliance for desktop operating systems and applications
  • Providing secure remote access to outside vendors and contractors

What TCS Provides

  • Complete SLA-based services for VDI deployments and post-deployment support
  • Proven implementation framework to create a centrally-managed virtual desktop environment
  • Comprehensive user-profile-based model
  • Flexible deployment models, based on the client’s cost and data privacy requirements
  • Strategic alliances with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, EMC and NetApp
  • Best-in-class storage technology-related offerings from our Storage Center of Excellence

Business Value

Our VDI solutions help reduce desktop management costs with the simplification and standardization of server hardware and client access devices. The solutions also contribute significantly to minimize OPEX, CAPEX and overall TCO, and provide the following advantages:

  • Effective business continuity plans and workable Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions with reduced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Seamless deployment of patches and modifications to the virtual desktop from within the data center, mandating intervention for user acceptance and success
  • Minimized inherent vulnerabilities in the desktop environment by consolidating the desktop storage into the data center
  • Improved user satisfaction and productivity
  • Better, easier and convenient management of desktop infrastructure
  • Easy adherence to and maintenance of corporate standards, compliance and regulatory requirements

Analyst Speak

“HVDs will be used to deliver client computing capabilities to 70 million users by 2014. The 70 million users represent about 15% of the total professional desktop market in 2014.”
- Gartner | Forecast: Hosted Virtual Desktops, Worldwide, 2010-2014 (December 2010)


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Learn how TCS’ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings can help you improve operational costs and desktop manageability while reducing the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).