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Windows 7 Comprehensive Migration Solutions


With the advent of Windows 7, more organizations wish to draw the benefits of better productivity and security. However, a shift from the previous operating system (OS) to the new OS requires careful strategy, planning and execution.


TCS’ Comprehensive Migration Solution (CMS) incorporates the best of consulting services, frameworks and processes, thereby ensuring a perfectly planned transition.

Client Challenges

  • A well-defined plan that covers all domains of the existing business and the direct influence of the migration process on all of these: The plan should have a wide spectrum including the anticipated performance in areas covering hardware and software inventories, infrastructure setup, organization structure, policies and licensing strategies.
  • A risk assessment strategy as well as the abatement of the risk: The impact of the process on customer satisfaction, the stability of the existing infrastructure and the legal compliance are some areas of the risks that need special attention.
  • A well-ensured training plan along with a regular support desk owing to the predictable difficulties in the acceptance of the new OS
  • Compliance of the new environment with the existing software and hardware tools within the organization

What TCS Provides  

Built on a well-planned sequence starting with feasibility analysis to risk abatement, the CMS emerges a winner in the following areas of implementation: 

  • A planned study of the existing system to devise the feasibility analysis judgments
  • Identification of risks involved and in-store ways to avoid the negative impacts
  • Application compatibility testing to ensure that all the current applications are well tested to give correct results in the Windows 7 environment
  • The remediation phase to streamline the currently running codes in the new OS: These third-party product disparities are fixed in terms of either Application Virtualization or Application Shimming
  • The final stage of deployment followed by testing to give sustained results that are at par with the business definitions and needs: The zero touch mechanism for deployment has an added benefit of being fully automated to avoid extra human efforts
  • Crisis management, with backups and roll outs, to aid the restoration of the prior environment in case of any failure
  • Amalgamation of the Readiness, Outline, Laboratory, Illustrate and Transform (ROLIT) migration methodology with the implementation model

Business Value

The shift to Windows 7 is aimed at achieving enhanced returns on productivity and efficiency. The value additions to your business return are justified on the following grounds:

  • A planned strategy based on a deep scrutiny of the current system reduces hassles and enables a smooth migration
  • Well-planned models guided by thought leadership and appropriate skill sets make the process cost efficient
  • Rising technical complexities that meet the business requisites at a well-restrained price with long-term support and reliability boost business


Windows 7 - Comprehensive Migration Solution

Learn how the Windows 7 – Comprehensive Migration Solution offering from TCS enables a swift transition to the new OS. We bring along defined solution accelerators to ensure an efficient solution rollout and mitigate issues of non-compatible applications. Utilizing our expertise and assets, we aid your users in having their disparate applications running smoothly, in the shortest possible time.

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TCS Windows 7 – Comprehensive Migration Solution

Learn how TCS’ Comprehensive Migration Solution (CMS) addresses and mitigates the migration concerns of enterprises. The solution is a combination of consulting services, frameworks and processes, tools built on top of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Package, the TCS expertise and an alliance partnership with Microsoft.