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Metagenomics Analysis Platform


The rapidly emerging field of metagenomics aims at deciphering the structure and function of various microbiomes. This understanding can potentially be used to develop diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Metagenomics data is not only voluminous, but also complex. Besides scalable computational infrastructure to manage such huge volumes of data, specialized algorithms and tools are needed to obtain meaningful insights from this data. The TCS Metagenomics Analysis Platform addresses these needs by enabling comprehensive analysis of metagenomics data.

The TCS Advantage

Backed by our global footprint in collaborative innovation, we have the experience to participate in and manage new models of research. We add value to your experience through:

  • Published algorithms
  • Domain expertise
  • Efficiency and scalability

Our Solution 

TCS Metagenomics Analysis Platform is a one-stop solution that hosts several specialized published algorithms catering to every stage of metagenomic data analysis. The platform is enabled to analyze sequence data of microbial communities sampled not only from human body sites, but also from any given environmental niche.

Apart from hosting several predefined workflows, the platform allows creation of customized project-specific workflows thus allowing researchers to design and perform customized analysis as per individual project / research requirements and also allows users to plug in third party algorithms.

The platform is currently available either as a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) allowing organizations the flexibility to choose between the service models.


  • One-stop solution: The platform integrates and hosts a suite of specialized algorithms and visualization tools catering to every stage of metagenomics data analysis
  • Improves ROI: Our solution gives you the cost advantage of being a PaaS, eliminating the recurring expense and complexity of evaluating, buying, configuring, and managing the hardware needed
  • Provides regular updates: In addition to creating, maintaining and improving the platform by updating new algorithms, we regularly update the reference databases.
  • Translates search and discovery: Discover novel target microbes, genes, proteins and/or metabolic  pathways for designing novel diagnostic and personalized therapeutic strategies

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