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TCS Smart Content Management Backbone (SCMB)


SCMB is a component-based platform that enables you to manage end-to-end smart content processes, across creation, operations, enrichment, packaging, delivery and consumption. It is used by organizations to build digital products rapidly and cost effectively, and manage content operations efficiently.

Organizations use our Smart Content Management Backbone to build digital products rapidly and cost effectively, and manage content operations comprehensively, transparently, and efficiently.  Based on service-oriented architecture, SCMB allows you to build business specific content services by decoupling applications from content stores, thus enabling agility in digital product development.

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Key Benefits

  • Accelerate development of smart content products
  • Unlock existing content silos
  • Improve end-to-end collaboration and transparency
  • Enable scalability through its cloud and Big Data ready architecture
  • Implement a single-source multi-channel consumption paradigm for your content
  • Achieve significant returns on investment with:
    • 30 – 40% reduction in  cost and time taken for smart content product development
    • 20- 30% reduction in your cost of content operations 
    • 100% discoverability of your organization’s existing content

TCS Advantage

Our solution is bolstered by these differentiators:

  • Flexible architecture adhering to industry standards.
  • No need to discard your existing content infrastructure
  • Offers services to build a customized solution
  • Flexible deployment and support options
  • Smart Content Lab that  provides a research and experimentation framework
  • Industry expertise

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