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Information Services


With the digital revolution, Information Services companies now need to process an increasing number of data sources, and a variety of unstructured content including audio/video to provide accurate actionable intelligence across multiple delivery channels quickly. Traditional publishers are moving online. Margin pressures and the need to move up the value chain are driving them to increase their operational efficiency and enter into their customers’ workflow. The industry is being forced to transform its technology and content operations to address the challenges.

TCS understands these challenges and can help you drive this transformation. We combine our rich experience in servicing the industry with our content products, service offerings and alliances to deliver the technological solutions you need.

Client Challenges

  • Legacy content systems are unable to manage content complexity and data explosion
  • Existing content is in silos and unable to fully harness content value
  • Existing content cannot be repurposed easily and distributed across new channels
  • Inefficiency due to disparate and non-integrated workflows
  • Need to provide contextual search results and intelligent information
  • Inability to monetize user-generated content and social platforms
  • Existing back-office processes are unable to realize the business value of new content products
  • Lack of flexibility in IT architecture to enable integration with customers’ workflow process
  • Need for continued innovation to retain market leadership 

What TCS Provides

TCS realizes that information processing is unique for each industry segment, and it blends technology solutions with industry expertise to deliver solutions. Based on our experience and tailored information solutions for each area, we have classified the Information Services industry into the following sub-segments:

  • Financial and Credit Information Services
  • Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Services
  • Legal, Tax and Regulatory Information Services
  • Market Research Information Services
  • Search, Aggregation and Syndication Information Services
  • B2B Information Services

Our end-to-end offerings for Information Services cover the full content value chain from content creation to content monetisation:

  • Content Operations: Content Digitisation, Transcription Services, Web-Crawling, Entity Data Extraction, Data Verification, XML Conversion, Taxonomy Maintenance, Indexing, Tagging, Linking, Citation and Categorisation
  • Information Management: Enterprise Content Management, XML Content Storage, Semantic Tagging, Multi-dimensional Data Warehouse, Editorial Systems, Search Implementation, Contextual Search, Workflows and Analytics
  • Content Delivery: Multi-channel Distribution, Social Networking (web 2.0) and Mobile Media
  • Infrastructure Services: Data Center Management, Desktop Management, Desktop Services

The TCS solutions are powered by the following:

  • Outcome-driven business consulting
  • End-to-end IT service offerings covering IT solutions, infrastructure services and BPO
  • Information services CoE that tracks the latest industry trends/challenges and provides solutions leveraging best practices
  • Customer-centric innovation driven by the TCS Co-innovation Network (COIN)
  • Alliances that leverage combined experiences in technology and business to provide successful solutions 

Business Value

Partnering with TCS will help you achieve the following business benefits:

  • Transformation of content operations using Content Agility and a realization of the full potential of your content
  • Enabling new revenue streams from innovative and customer-centric IT solutions
  • Reduction in time-to-market for new technology-enabled information products
  • Streamlining and standardizing IT processes to improve operational efficiency
  • Lowering of total cost of ownership of IT systems and allowing business to move spends to strategic initiatives
  • Effective back-office operations that help in reaping the benefits of new products quickly
  • Release of your key resources and assets to focus on value-added activities 

Associated Products

TCS has the following products and solution accelerators for the Information Services business:

  • Intelligent Document Conversion Solution: Exegenix® converts any postscript or pdf document into XML.
  • Scalable Workflow: A workflow solution with integrated document management and OCR/ICR for managing electronic documents, data acquisition, routing and tracking documents with built-in dashboards to track SLA, productivity and quality.
  • Collaboration and Business Productivity Platform: SupportCentral is a next generation collaboration and business productivity platform.
  • Text Analysis: INX is a text analysis solution using natural language processing and semantic technology.

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