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Current challenges: Broadcasters and cable operators are faced with many challenges such as migration to digital platforms; connecting digital islands; multi-platform and multi-format distribution; effective media asset management; replacement of aged analog equipment with digital and re-use of its content; automating multichannel and multi-format ingest, production, play-out and rights management process; multi-platform distribution of personalized media content; monetizing online content; and reduce production and operational costs to maintain operating margin.

What TCS provides: TCS’ Digital Media group provides IT-based solutions, systems integration, workflow automation products and services to broadcasters and professional media companies to efficiently move from traditional environments to digital, file-based workflows.

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Theatrical Distribution Systems

Current Challenges: Integration with physical film distribution, improved scheduling and film movement, enhancements for digital distribution, integration with multiple theatre chain distribution systems, expanding territory for distribution, cost effective monitoring of distribution operations, integration with back end revenue accounting applications, manage non uniformity of data, integration of domestic and international theatrical applications

What TCS Provides: TCS provides development, rollout and application support to business process including booking, billing, box office collection, cash application, prints control and accounts receivable. We provide business intelligence, application enhancements, enterprise technologies implementation and operations support for theatrical distribution.

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Home Video and Entertainment Retail Products

Current Challenges: Category management, supply chain optimization, migration to newer formats, automated IT process for supply chain, rapid and flexible decision support from IT, platforms to support future enhancements and redundancy

What TCS Provides: Solutions and services for supply chain optimization, effective category management, retail solutions, VMI and sales forecasting / CRM solutions, comprehensive business intelligence solutions and services, service-oriented architecture development and deployment, royalties and reconciliations solutions

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Digital Asset Management Systems

Current Challenges: Multiple generation, multi-technology disparate DAM systems, complex GUI and workflows, inflexible DAM applications, inadequate and inconsistent metadata, inability to transform content cost effectively and rapidly for a multi-channel world, inadequate search capabilities

What TCS Provides: Deep experience with development and implementation of enterprise wide and departmental DAM systems, application development and support, implementation of federated search, deployment of flexible content workflows with DAM, integration of various transcoders for content transformations, implementation of DRM, encryption and watermarking techniques

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Editorial and Pre-publishing Systems

Current Challenges: increasing production costs, island of non-communicating applications, manual and ineffective workflows, non-standard processes for publishing different books and across business divisions

What TCS Provides: Comprehensive and automated workflow implementation, editorial tools integration and customization, editorial and pre-publishing BPO services, integration with specifications system and finally to ERP, corporate planning and finance.

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Circulation and Distribution Management Systems

Current Challenges: Efficient sales and distribution systems, higher returns, workflows, inventory management, efficient market list survey

What TCS Provides: Application development and support, enhancements to existing systems, business intelligence, business process management, performance optimization, integration with order to cash application, inventory management for optimal warehouse management and market list survey to ensure delivery to the correct person

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Digital Content Distribution

Current Challenges: Manual process for digital content preparation and distribution, inadequate integration in enterprise systems, inefficient marketing and communication links, inadequate and inflexible ecommerce capabilities, inflexibility in content distribution formats

What TCS Provides: DCDP-Bookbank solution, better storage and distribution technologies, applications to protect intellectual property, high quality eBook creation, digital warehousing, custom publishing, digital printing, business intelligence, versatile digital distribution to multiple channels, mobile delivery, workflow-based content creation and approval process during content ingestion

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Content Transformation to XML

Current Challenges: Large amount unstructured data, inability to properly monetize backlist content, high cost and low quality of content conversion to XML, inadequate granularity of content conversion

What TCS Provides: TCS’ own technology to convert content to XML automatically, high quality, high accuracy and high granularity XML conversions, scalable applications, software-on-demand business model, end to end XML conversion BPO services using workflow for content creation and approval

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Syndication Systems

Current Challenges: Better scheduling, programming operations

What TCS Provides: Application development and support, upgrading existing systems, business intelligence, business process management, performance optimization, integration, enterprise technologies system

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Broadcast Management Systems

Current Challenges: Tracking systems, shorter windows (time-to-market is compromised)

What TCS Provides: Application development and support, business intelligence, workflow management, optimizations, infrastructure services, BPO services and development of corporate systems.

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Rights and Contract Management Systems

Current Challenges: Increasing demand of international business, existing marketing and distribution applications, demand for online systems

What TCS Provides: Business intelligence, workflow management, enhancements to existing applications, B2B website development, enterprise application integration, application development and support

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Multi-Channel Distribution (B2B)

Current Challenges: Platforms and technologies / tools in a complex system architecture, variety of applications, royalty management and increasing inventory in all channels

What TCS Provides: Automations and enhancements, seamless integration, workflow enhancements, enterprise technologies system, application development and support, development of corporate systems and infrastructure services

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Consumer Experience – Web 2.0 and Social Networking

Current Challenges: Increasing interactivity and collaboration in organizations and increasing demand for innovative publishing services

What TCS Provides: TCS is continually working on multi-channel distribution (B2B), enhancing the consumer experience by using web 2.0 and social networking, application development and support, development of corporate systems, infrastructure services.

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Mobile Media Consumption

Current Challenges: Need for enhanced content delivery and multiple channels  

What TCS Provides Application development and support, enterprise application integration, development of corporate systems, infrastructure services and BPO services

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Online advertising

Current Challenges: Increasing demand for online ad entry systems and better advertising management applications

What TCS Provides: Development using oracle portal, business intelligence, workflow management, application development and support, development of corporate systems, infrastructure and BPO services

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Rights and Royalties reconciliation

Current Challenges: Increasing international sales, online base for deals, drafting of contracts and tracking

What TCS Provides: Automations and enhancements, business intelligence, application development and support, development of corporate systems, infrastructure services, BPO services and enterprise application integrations

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Content digitization, archival, management and monetization

What TCS Provides: Application development and support, development of corporate systems, infrastructure services, BPO services and enterprise technologies system

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Media Process Outsourcing

Includes digitization, conversion, coding and segmentation, and editorial services

What TCS Provides: Application development and support, Development of corporate systems, Infrastructure services, BPO services and enterprise technologies system

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Current challenges: Uncertainty over technologies, high levels of investment, unfamiliarity with content business and network readiness

What TCS provides: TCS provides end-to-end service offerings (network, content, OSS/BSS and convergent VAS), helping service providers launch high-quality, scalable and stable IPTV services.

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