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Portal Content Collaboration


Global enterprises require efficient management of content and its distribution to various stakeholders. The rapid evolution of technology is creating a new brand of media consumers and forcing media companies to evolve. The pervasiveness of the internet has made the web the de-facto consumption channel. Media companies are compelled to continually supply content in an easy-to-access manner and format to engage the fleeting attention spans of their consumers.

TCS’ Portal Content Collaboration (PCC) provides you with end-to-end marketing solutions. The solution framework encompasses developing optimized and integrated marketing processes, implementing marketing information systems and innovative interactive platforms, and leveraging analytics to generate valuable consumer insights for informed marketing decisions.

Client Challenges

As consumers embrace new technologies rapidly, they offer new means to reach them. The key challenge for today’s marketers is to provide consumers with the right message at the right time through the right channel. Today, marketers face the following challenges:

  • Achieving and maintaining brand positioning
  • Reducing cycle times for campaigns, product launches and content production
  • Getting access to the correct insights required to make data-driven decisions, avoiding those based on gut feel
  • Keeping track of competition in the marketplace
  • Keeping track of the workflow and costs
  • Enhancing customer experience and loyalty
  • Incorporating local flavors for global marketing campaigns
  • Engaging customers for product co-development / innovation
  • Justifying the Rate of Investments (ROI)

What TCS Provides

To counter these above-mentioned challenges, organizations across verticals are deploying cutting-edge technologies along with innovative strategies, optimized business processes and goal-oriented performance metrics. In this evolving digital world, it is imperative that marketers be technology-savvy.

TCS’ end-to-end marketing platform helps you implement marketing strategies that are designed to accommodate new-age marketing channels with traditional marketing and is powered with advanced analytics engine to help you with key insights enabling one-to-one communication.

Our PCC solutions include the following:

  • Social Web Monetization Platform: Our Social Web Monetization Platform (SWMP) offers a set of utilities and services that provide a common backbone for content storage, transformation and distribution. Based on open source, the SWMP is flexible, easy-to-use and reduces risk by doing away with the need to “lock-in” your investment.
  • Enterprise Social Collaboration: Our enterprise social collaboration solution will empower your enterprise with increased productivity through cutting-edge collaboration and simplification tools. It is a ground-up, transparent and user-friendly platform that supports multiple types of knowledge in the form of Q&A, ideas, debates, media, documents and messages. Unlike formal Knowledge Management Systems, it is based on social interaction design patterns (such as Facebook and Twitter).
  • Rich Media Campaign Solutions: TCS’ rich media campaigns offer branded entertainment and experiences as well as advertising. Our special solutions and accelerators add additional value to your products with rich media elements such as images, audio, video, and animation. We enable you to plan, optimize and manage global campaigns, reach audiences and translate brand experiences across multiple touch points and convey messages predictably with a quicker time-to-market.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Analytics: TCS’ listening platform scans conversations across social media, traditional broadcast media and in-house sources of customer inputs, and performs Natural Language Processing-based analysis to highlight the data relevant for you in an easy-to-understand, graph / chart-based format.

Business Value

We help you increase marketing responsiveness and target the right market segment with successful brand positioning. Our solutions help you accomplish the following:

  • Optimized marketing initiatives with the appropriate allocation of budget and resources
  • Reduced cycle times for campaigns and product launches
  • Creation and evolution of the brand
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention
  • Creation of additional value for customers with integrated message across all touch points
  • Improved top and bottom lines in alignment with your business objectives

We help you foster a culture of continuous marketing innovation. With extensive global and domestic experience in the both horizontal and vertical solutions, we are best placed to offer your business the mix of skills required to innovate and significantly impact your bottom line. From optimizing processes to achieve operational efficiencies to harnessing our technical and delivery capabilities to generate value from your investments, we go beyond offering just cost advantages.