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Heterogeneous Network Platform


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) platform offers  optimized use of network resources, with a high computing platform for radio control management that supports predictive analytics. The platform collects real-time data from user equipment and near-real-time OAM data from Element Management Systems (EMS), and factors these into decision-making for handovers.

With growing device connectivity across networks, telco operators struggle to process increasing data traffic through the limited radio spectrum. The increase in network performance counters and events has led to high capital expenditure in setting up sophisticated servers, as the existing network framework is unable to process large data volumes. The reduced network spectrum capacity has resulted in poor customer satisfaction. An advanced analytics framework and a high performance scalable platform are critical to promote informed decision-making in vertical handovers, and also ease the implementation of advanced telecom network solutions.


The increasing imbalance between the available spectrum capacity and required levels needed to host growing data volumes has resulted in inefficient radio resource management (RRM). Operators have incurred significant costs in deploying hardware solutions to respond to spectrum demands. The complex matrix of data interaction, implementation, and management underlines the need for a flexible architecture capable of managing diverse radio access technologies (RATs) with applications and services. With operators opting for cloud solutions, a unified platform is critical for seamless migration between multi-RAT technologies and real-time event processing.
TCS’ modular HetNet platform provides in-built features for vertical handover in a diverse network setup. It offers IEEE 802.21 and Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) stacks implemented as modular common components, with highly configurable decision-making algorithms in Python. The solution offers components of the RRM layer of the long-term evolution (LTE) stack and Wi-Fi Controller for better performance while executing handovers, with multi-vendor and orchestration support. This helps the telco operator implement innovative network solutions that reduce expenditure and improve the end-customer experience.


By implementing TCS’ HetNet platform, operators can:

  • Implement a best-fit solution: The solution offers equipment vendors and telcos the flexibility to design and implement a customized HetNet platform, depending on their requirements. The componentized platform allows the user to choose from the pre-integrated components for effective vertical handover in a heterogeneous network scenario. With the application of analytics driven solutions to network concerns, revenue streams are boosted.
  • Accelerate data and event processing: The HetNet platform is based on Apache Storm, which supports an extremely high event processing capability for real-time analytics. Advanced features such as complex
    event processing, integration with Big Data, and predictive analytics promote the design and implementation of new solutions, including Self Organizing Network (SON) management, network predictive analytics, and network optimization solutions.
  • Reduce operating costs and improve the time to market: The HetNet platform allows efficient radio control management of a heterogeneous network, thus reducing the overall OPEX and ensuring better spectrum management. It also enables telcos to build intelligent and innovative network solutions.
    Improve customer experience: Quick design and deployment of the HetNet platform enables effective customer experience management with improved Quality of Experience (QoE).

The TCS Advantage

By partnering with TCS, operators benefit from our:

  • Consulting expertise: TCS brings over 25 years of extensive telecom product engineering experience. Our engagements in developing solutions and building capabilities help us consistently ideate, design, and develop innovative solutions for our clients. We also utilize our expertise in wireless 3G and 4G technologies to deliver intelligent solutions.
  • Experience from partnerships with leading telecom companies: TCS is working with four top global equipment vendors in coinnovating products and solutions in LTE networks and Small Cells.
  • Execution of a future-ready solution: TCS’ HetNet platform is one of the few solutions which offer a vertical handover based on operatordefined criteria. Moreover, the handover decision intelligence is compliant with both IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIHF) and 3GPP ANDSF specifications, offering a standardized solution.
    The platform enables the design and implementation of nextgeneration solutions, including spectrum management, SON management, and Cloud RAN with easy integration with other analytics tools such as SciPy, Hadoop, and the R-Language.

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