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Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution


For Communication Service Providers (CSPs), growth in the enterprise market is driven by increased adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), including cloud services and mobility services. The enterprise business typically entails custom solutions, highly specific solution adaptation, and non-standard contracts. CSPs’ enterprise divisions need to sell customized B2B solutions combined with retail solutions, which creates fulfillment challenges because of the gap in retail and enterprise systems.


TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution helps you address these challenges in a ground-up manner by transforming retail and enterprise into a single stack, dual stack, or hybrid stack based on business variables. The solution provides a quote-to-order process based on industry best practices, and a flexible revenue management solution that scales to complex business-to-business (B2B) needs.


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are rapidly expanding their service portfolios, incorporating new technologies, and bundling products in new ways. With the use of different technologies and applications to offer multiple products and services across diverse geographies, a key challenge is the integration of disparate, legacy IT systems. Many service providers lack a process-driven Quote-to-Activation system, relying instead on individuals and manual processes. This increases time to market for new services, and makes on-time delivery of product suites challenging. Suboptimal channel strategies and a non-standardized approach to sales management can lead to a fragmented customer experience.

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution helps you by providing an integrated approach to service delivery, while anticipating future industry needs. The solution helps you create a single product/service catalog across all channels. It also enables automation of the order-to-activation process, which reduces manual involvement while improving billing accuracy and streamlining business-to-business (B2B) processes. Our solution, which integrates hardware and OSS/BSS applications with pre-modeled business processes, can easily be integrated with existing systems.

Our Solution

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution includes modules and features for the customer relationship management (CRM), Product Catalog, Quotation Management, and Revenue Management functions of a B2B environment.The Enterprise CRM module features a comprehensive Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) module that enables you to on-board enterprise customers effectively. The Product Catalog module combines commercial and technical specifications on-service templates, which simplify configuration and on-boarding of enterprise services and customers. It includes a flexible rule-based engine that supports compatibility, and validation rules across products, bundles, and offers for B2B environments.The solution enables rule-based, end-to-end quotation management, including creation and revision of quotes, feasibility analysis, pricing including overrides, and approvals.The Revenue Management module enables flexible revenue monetization. It includes functions for enterprise-specific charge share, discount share, and charge split/transfer. You get easy-to comprehend invoices with rules for itemization and aggregation.


The TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market for B2B solutions, using our flexible, rule-driven, centralized Product Catalog across multiple channels
  • Improved time to on-board enterprise customers, through a single solution across CPQ and Lead-to-Activate processes
  • Increased self-service adoption through singlepoint integration, which enables any customer to conduct self-service transactions over any available channel
  • Enhanced customer experience management through automation of operations

The TCS Advantage

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Enterprise Solution is based on industry standards including eTOM and ITIL, and helps you improve enterprise service fulfillment.

Key advantages of our solution include:

  • Standards-driven deployment flexibility: The solution enables end-to-end and/or modular deployment based on your needs.
  • Pay-as-you-Use model: You pay on a subscription basis for the hardware, software, and professional services that you use, thus minimizing capital expenditure.
  • Faster implementation and set-up: The solution is offered on a Platform-as-a-Service model, a ‘plug-and-play’ option that gets you up and running instantly. TCS provides end-to-end SLA-based support, which lets you work with minimal or no IT support staff.
  • The ability to scale operations based on actual needs: With our buy-as-you-grow model, you can adopt new business models as your business needs grow.

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