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TCS Proactive Service Management Solution


TCS’ Proactive Service Management (PSM) Solution uses real-time data aggregated from various network elements to anticipate potential service outages. With our predictive algorithm, you can identify problems that translate to service degradation in advance and initiate proactive measures to prevent negative experiences.

TCS’ PSM solution aggregates system logs from various network elements in a Big Data environment in real-time and ensures data quality management based on certain business rules. The solution analyzes the collated data though a predictive algorithm, which also examines the transition stages of network devices prior to failure.  

The solution offers communications service providers several benefits that include:

  • Proactive customer engagement: Notify customers in advance, when a device failure is predicted, and assure them of the corrective measures being taken
  • Promote partner products: Recommend partner products depending on customer preferences; Enhanced customer satisfaction: Boost your net promoter score (NPS) through provisioning of flawless services for your existing customers and new customers.
  • Reduced contact center costs: Minimize the number of customer grievances on account of service degradation and realize significant savings related to your customer service operations

 The unique advantages of TCS’ Proactive Service Management include:

  • Digital domain expertise
  • TCS’ Digital Reimagination model
  • Full service play

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