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Service Orchestration Solution


TCS’ Service Orchestration Solution is an open-source, automated, meta-data driven service orchestration framework for Network Function Virtualization (NFV). TCS’ solution encompasses the NFV orchestration and lifecycle management. It is a scalable, agent-less, and modular framework that interoperates with existing service orchestrators, enabling fully automated service provisioning. With this solution, telcos gain the responsiveness and service agility to meet customer demands.


Telco operators are finding it difficult to keep pace with growing customer demands, with their existing siloed and proprietary network solutions. Moreover, with OTT competitors and app developers enabling service with minimal deployment timelines, telco operators need to improve service deployment cycles. An open, standard compliant, meta-data driven service orchestration solution is vital for competitive business performance.

TCS Service Orchestration Solution is a comprehensive framework for NFV service orchestration, and offers seamless interoperability with third party orchestrators. This framework leads to simplified service design and deployment, and minimizes design effort by enabling meta-data based orchestration and lifecycle management.


By leveraging TCS’ modular service orchestration framework, telcos can benefit from:

  • A reduced development lifecycle: TCS’ solution promotes faster and automated NFV deployment and helps telcos achieve service agility. The generic meta-data driven framework reduces the development cycle time by 30 percent.
  • Automated orchestration: Our solution automates NFV service provisioning, monitoring, and scaling, enabling shorter NFV service provisioning cycles.
  • Compliance with standards: Our solution adheres to ETSI NFV MANO specifications and ensures interoperability. The modular architecture enables cloud-scale deployment of NFV services.
  • Flexibility: Open source components eliminate vendor lock-in and foster innovation.

The TCS Advantage

By partnering with TCS, enterprises can gain from:

  • Consulting expertise: TCS’ Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and laboratories focused on orchestration, software defined networking (SDN), NFV, and cloud virtualization offer a rich repository of information while developing enhanced solutions. TCS also builds expertise by actively contributing to open-source communities like OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OpenVSwitch, Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), and Open Network Operating System (ONOS). TCS has over 300 consultants and has successfully executed engagements with global clients.
  • Alliances: An extensive partner eco-system helps TCS bring valuable experience in telco cloud solutions. This not only helps us customize the solution framework according to client needs, but also extend end-to-end product engineering capability in SDN and NFV. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7® provides the secure, reliable operating environment and flexible, high-performance, cost-effective virtualization needed to decouple network functions from the hardware they run on. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform® combines all the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform from OpenStack. Intel® architecture provides a standard, reusable, shared platform for SDN and NFV applications that is easy to upgrade and maintain.
  • An integrated solution: We offer an open framework with the ability to integrate with third-party systems on both north-bound and south-bound interfaces, ensuring an integrated orchestration solution.
  • Enhanced interoperability: TCS’ framework enables integration with existing telco operations support systems to facilitate service orchestration across physical and virtual network platforms.

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