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More now than ever before, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are looking for ways to transform their legacy, plan ahead for transformation required to secure future in the digital age. With the proliferation of smart devices and traditional voice communication being eclipsed by data traffic over wire and wireline networks, digital-reimagination has emerged as the single most important trend. Service providers are being stimulated to transform themselves into a platform of opportunities harnessing the digital five forces— Mobility & Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics—to reimagine their business processes, products, and services. The digital transformation is helping the CSPs mitigate the challenges of shrinking product lifecycles, customer engagement and high churn rates.


Client Testimonial: Sprint
In this video, Peter Campbell, CIO, Sprint highlights how they partnered with TCS to enhance the website ‘’ with various features which helped improve customer experience.

Our offerings help telecom companies simplify their businesses while maintaining the profitability, quality of service and customer experience. Our rich industry experience and domain expertise enables us to deliver a suite of offerings which addresses the key areas of - service quality management, expansion of core capabilities into adjacencies, process automation, data monetization, network management and implementation of next generation technologies.

What TCS Provides

With a proven track record in delivery excellence and thought leadership, our telecom business unit has helped a diverse customer base transform their business and become more agile and future ready. We help our customers which include OEMs, Equipment Vendors, Cable & Satellite companies, CSPs and Mobile Virtual Network Operators with the key imperatives of:

  • Business Simplification across the products, process & systems landscape
  • Customer Experience through digital transformation
  • Revenue Monetization leveraging TCS’ solution Accelerators and Enablement Platforms

TCS has readily invested in building "Fit for Purpose" platforms and solutions which has enabled multiple service providers and enterprises across the globe to substantially simplify their business, diversify and grow in emerging areas. Our key investments are in the following areas:
Digital Channel and Commerce: TCS’ Digital commerce solution leverages advanced analytics to provide comprehensive visibility across the buy-market-sell-service stage of the digital commerce lifecycle which helps the customers align their supply and demand, enhance vendor collaboration and streamline operations at every stage.
Customer Insights: Our Customer Intelligence and Insights solutions leverage advanced analytics to acquire customers’ - usage patterns, service experience and expectations - enabling CSPs to offer more relevant and personalized services.
Mobility Solutions: Our mobililty solutions range from mobile framewoks, industry specific solutions and customized technology solutions to independent testing services which enables our customers to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.
Hosted OSS & BSS Solution(HOBS): TCS Cloud based Hosted OSS/BSS platform provides pre-integrated suite of end to end OSS/BSS applications, pre-modeled business processes, and implementation & support services for standardization, simplicity, extendibility and agility of business processes.
IoT and M2M: TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) manages the large number of devices and sensors while making it easy to develop, deploy and administer IoT and Machine-to-Machine software applications and keeping the optimum balance between costs, performance and functionality.

Connected Devices Management Suite: TCS' Connected Devices Management (CDM) Suite consolidates various siloed products to significantly improve telecom network performance by delivering services quickly and managing operations effectively. Download Brochure (PDF,239 KB)

Business Simplification Quotient for CSPs:  TCS’ Business Simplification Quotient (BSQ) helps CSPs quantify the complexity of their organizational landscape. It encompasses several dimensions — products, processes, technology, and people — and recommends a comprehensive set of frameworks and solutions that drive business transformation. Download Brochure (PDF, 115 KB)

Customer Experience Management Framework for CSPs: TCS’ Customer Experience Management (CEM) Framework empowers CSPs with an integrated platform that helps capture customer feedback across all touch points. We help you map customer pain points to internal processes and key performance indicators (KPIs). Download Brochure (PDF, 316 KB) 
Hosted Collaboration Platform (HCP): Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offers a device-agnostic, cloud-ready Hosted Collaboration Platform (HCP) that helps enterprises and contact centers to enhance their customer engagement with rich communication and collaboration services. HCP also serves as an intra-enterprise communication suite to improve workforce productivity, especially in a large organization spread across geographic locations. Download Brochure (PDF, 319 KB)

TCS' Hosted Collaboration Platform for MNOs and MVNOs allows MNOs and MVNOs to offer rich communication and collaboration services over their IP networks. This cloud-based solution does not require you to make large upfront investments and enables real-time invoicing through easy integration with existing billing and CRM systems. The solution can be used on any browser-enabled desktop or mobile device, and facilitates seamless communication. Download Brochure ( PDF, 1.6 MB) 

TCS Proactive Service Management Solution: TCS’ Proactive Service Management (PSM) Solution uses real-time data aggregated from various network elements to anticipate potential service outages. With our predictive algorithm, you can identify problems that translate to service degradation in advance and initiate proactive measures to prevent negative experiences. Download Brochure (PDF, 76 KB)

Business Value

Empowered with industry best practices and technological advancements, we enable our clients to - become profitable, create competitive advantage and, adapt to changing market trends - through:

  • Innovative revenue-enhancing models: We help our customers leverage disruptive trends, such as data monetization, network infrastructure replacement, and service delivery platform (SDP) renovation, to increase their revenue and create new revenue streams.
  • Certainty in Delivery: We enable collaboration, resusability and tools to drive quality, certainty and agility in our  deliveries leading to higher customer satisfaction and higher margins.
  • Quicker time-to-market: Our solution accelerators, proprietary frameworks, and platform solutions enable our clients to achieve faster product development and quicker time-to-market.
  • Customer Centricity: We enable our clients to provide superior services through delivery, leadership and partnership. With our customer-centric solutions focused on the end-user’s needs and preferences, we help them deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.
  • Business Simplification: Our landscape rationalization strategies and bundled services optimize the operational costs of our customers and simplify their business processes. We are engaged with our customers, beyond traditional SDLC, throughout the lifecycles.

The TCS Advantage

  • Focus on innovation: Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and Co-Innovation Network (COINTM) accelerate product development, while the Innovation Labs provide ‘on-demand’ access to innovative solutions built on emerging technologies. The reusable assets and components created in our labs help our customers achieve high productivity and cost savings from their technology investments.
  • Strong alliance and partnerships: Our strategic alliances with leading product vendors and technology providers worldwide ensure that we offer technologically-advanced solutions. Moreover, our long-term associations grant us valuable insights that lend a unique and holistic perspective towards meeting the dynamic demands of the market. We participate actively in the TM Forum (formerly, the Tele Management Forum).
  • Delivery excellence: We have a range of ready-to-deploy solutions and platforms such as our Hosted OSS/BSS, Connected Devices Management Solution, WebRTC Communication Solution,Connected Universe Platform, the Hy5 Suite for mobile app development and testing, and iON—TCS’ cloud-based solutions for small and medium  businesses.
  • Global reach and industry experience: With our unmatched global reach, collaborative model of value creation, multi-technology expertise, proprietary frameworks, and understanding of the industry, we enable our clients to experience certainty. Built on open industry standards, our solutions encompass a broad array of integrated and flexible business support system technologies.
  • Future Readiness – Digital Reimagination™
    We help you leverage Digital Reimagination™, a combination of the Digital Five Forces - Mobility & Pervasive Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics to reimagine six areas of an enterprise:
    • Business Models
    • Products and Services
    • Customer Segments
    • Channels
    • Business Processes and
    • Workplaces 

Client Thoughts

“The TCS team has transformed our IT landscape enabling us to improve end-customer experience and enhance operational stability. TCS has been a very flexible, accessible and responsible partner that has proactively worked on innovative solutions to overcome challenges and meet our objectives.”
- DNA, Taneli Ropponen, CIO

“TCS, as a major global player with industry wide knowledge, is asked more regularly for advice in order to help with the strategic choices such as applications, tools and approaches. TCS played the major role in this converged IT journey for the last 16 years. We selected TCS on their industry knowledge, their growth mindset and ambition for quality.”
-Proximus, Ivo Cools, CIO


Client Testimonials

TCS helps Proximus achieve converged IT journey and improve IT systems availability.

In this video, Ivo Cools, CIO Proximus explains how TCS has helped Proximus with improvement in major business processes.

Client Testimonials

TCS assists Vodafone Hutchison Australia in their Sales Transformation initiative by implementing seamless upgrade of Siebel CRM application

In this video, Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, discusses how TCS helped them in their Sales Transformation initiative by seamless upgrade of Siebel CRM Application.

Case Studies

Neotel achieves 99.95% average application uptime with greenfield implementation

By enabling a managed service operations model, Neotel successfully deployed their OSS-BSS application stack and established its greenfield internet data center.