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Devices and Silicon Product Engineering


Meet your end-to-end mobile devices and semiconductor product engineering requirements with TCS’ Devices and Silicon Product Engineering Services.

TCS Advantage

Devices and Silicon Product EngineeringOur unique blend of hardware and software expertise helps us manage your end-to-end device and semiconductor product engineering. We also bring in strong innovation in the following technologies:

  • Wireless
  • STB / IPTV
  • Media and entertainment
  • Convergence and mobile applications 

We also have alliances within the industry and academia in the areas of signal and image processing, platforms and applications development.

Solutions we offer 

We have significant experience in providing services to mobile devices and chipset equipment vendors, across the product lifecycle-like design, development, porting, benchmarking, testing and support. 

Smart OS:

  • Services for various mobile platforms and technologies: Android, Windows, Blackberry / QNX, Linux and other proprietary embedded systems
  • Device driver development and optimization
  • Porting between different operating systems
  • Various component and peripheral technologies like USB, IrDA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Camera, LCD, Touch screen, Keypad, Serial, Audio, Microphone, Speaker, Battery, SD, MMC, NAND/NOR Flash, SDRAM, GPS, GPIO and 3D GPU
  • Radio Control Interfaces  

GPU and Gaming:

  • Application / game porting and integration
  • Application and game benchmarking tools to identify the bottlenecks in memory bandwidth and power consumption 

HW Engineering:

  • Development and prototyping of high-end ASIC and SoC validation
  • Reference design for chipset
  • Prototyping and electro-mechanical manufacturing 


  • Pre-certification and compliance testing (Wi-Fi Alliance, GCF, 3GPP, etc.)
  • Inter-operability testing
  • Feature testing


  • End-to-end product engineering capability across hardware (ASIC, RF), device drivers, protocols, codecs, Smart OS and applications
  • Ready-to-use solution accelerators / frameworks: Our product development and product verification solutions bring down your costs (typically 30% TCO over 12-18 months) and time-to-market (typically 15%)



LTE PHY Solution

TCS’ LTE Layer 1 reusable components can be used for the development and validation of eNB and UE respectively.


Telecom Embedded Solutions

The amount of intelligence & complexity being incorporated in telecom instruments, devices and equipments is increasing day by day. Consumers are looking for quality products with high reliability and availability. TCS with its telecom embedded solutions help telecom product companies like yours to meet your business objectives by leveraging our strong domain expertise, IP portfolio and solution accelerators, thereby achieving reduced time-to-market.


Mobile Telecommunications: Telecom Technology Evolution

In order to fully understand the future of mobility, it is important to examine the evolution of individual streams of mobile telecommunication technology. These developments have not happened independently of each other. As mobility-enabling technology improves, three streams of telecommunication technology—networks, devices, and applications—will become truly smart in the future. Networks will converge, devices will become wearable, and context-aware applications will act spontaneously and initiate actions. In the past, enterprise adoption was a key driver of technology commoditization. By contrast, recent progress in mobile technology has been largely shaped by consumer demand. Enterprises need vision to see how mobility will change over time so that they can help drive its evolution and bring about economies of scale.