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Field Remediation


Overhaul your applications to meet business growth, standards and regulatory requirements with TCS’ Field Remediation Services for data structures.  

The TCS Advantage

  • Proven, well-defined solution and methodology
  • Automation of analysis, identification, remediation and data conversion
  • Field expansion handbooks, process checklists and templates that ensure certainty in terms of on-time, on-budget and error-free delivery
  • Experience of more than 1 billion lines of code, remediated for Year 2000, Euro, HIPAA, GTIN and other field modification engagements

Services we offer

  We, at TCS, offer the following services:

  • Field modification and remediation services, which include expansion, data type change and changes to hard-coded values in the case of M&A or divestitures
  • Assessment, planning and implementation services for field modification and remediation
  • Field modification and remediation services using customized strategy formulation addressing the specific challenges of an enterprise
  • Unique propagation scheme, ensuring the identification of all affected data elements in an automated manner
  • Impact analysis, which includes all the components of an application, irrespective of the technologies involved, using parser-based automation tools
  • Automation of entire life cycle, including remediation, data conversion, baseline and regression testing, retrofitting, aging data and cut-over
  • Traceability and cross-references, ensuring that all fields are identified and remediated, also eliminating all false positives in this process

Solution Benefits

  • Increased capacity for business expansion
  • Compliance to changes in regulatory requirements
  • Improved processing efficiency with the removal of workarounds to handle the incompatible field lengths

White Papers

Health Plans - Facing The ICD Challenge

In this white paper, we analyze the benefits beyond ICD remediation by providing regulation insights, impact of the new regulations, benefits of ICD 10 codes to the stakeholders and the potential impact of ICD 10 implementation in the healthcare ecosystem.