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Application Rationalization


Reduce costs, redundancies and complexities of your IT landscape with TCS’ Application Rationalization Services.

The TCS Advantage

  • TCS’ experience of handling large modernization engagements over 20+ years
  • Holistic and vendor-neutral solution to align with enterprise goals
  • Proven solution frameworks and tools for data collection
  • In-depth industry expertise to find / evaluate functional redundancies in applications
  • Use of automation across various stages of the rationalization process

Services we offer

We, at TCS, help you identify, upgrade and eliminate IT assets that deliver low value to the business with the following rationalization services:

  • Application consolidation for functional convergence, consolidation of application instances, etc.
  • Technology standardization by standardizing software stack for database, job scheduler, TP monitor, middleware, etc.
  • Application decommissioning for applications with low business value but high costs
  • Data archival of business information for regulatory compliance and application decommissioning

Solution Benefits

  • Modernized portfolio, which allows more effective spending on strategic initiatives
  • IT TCO reduction and mitigation of legacy skills, with decommissioning of unused and redundant applications
  • Exit from non-strategic and unsupported technologies
  • Archival of data for regulatory compliance