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zSOA Transformation


Improve your enterprise integration, reuse System z software assets and reduce redundant IT assets with TCS’ zSOA Transformation Services.

The TCS Advantage

  • TCS’ experience of handling large modernization and enterprise integration engagements over the years
  • Expertise in modern technology ecosystem
  • Use of automation for service discovery, development, testing and deployment

Services we offer

  • SOA enablement for transactions from CICS, IMS or CA-IDMS applications on IBM System z
  • Consumption of distributed services from mainframe transactions
  • Full lifecycle management activities for presentation, business logic and data services including the following:
    • Identification
    • Definition
    • Development
    • Testing and deployment

Solution Benefits

  • Avoid package implementation, which requires significant business process changes
  • Retain intellectual investments in legacy application to leverage proven and unique business processes
  • Improve time-to-market for new channels, products, services and compliance changes, with modern technologies