Global money laundering is estimated to cost financial institutions trillions of dollars annually. With technological advancements and seamless communication in the field of financial information, the transfer of money today is literally at our fingertips. Firms can effectively defend themselves against money laundering by adopting a comprehensive regulatory technology solution that facilitates complete visibility into enterprise-wide customer relationships and transactions.



The solution is embedded with advanced analytics and a range of tools facilitating intense surveillance. This facilitates building explicit customer risk profiles.​

The comprehensive and robust architectural design of TCS BaNCS for Compliance empowers firms to gain deeper insights into customers’ portfolios, thereby assessing and identifying potential risks.

Key Features

  • Sanction Screening & Watch-list Capture: Being list agnostic, the solution can ingest any number of regulatory, third- party, and user-defined internal watch-lists

  • KYC & Risk Assessment: An inbuilt engine performs end-to-end KYC processing, and the rule-driven parameters help provide a 360o view of the customer and meaningful insights

  • Transaction Monitoring: The solution is capable of generating behavior patterns

  • Reporting & Audit: A robust reporting engine and dashboard caters to various reporting requirements

  • Quartz™, The Smart Ledgers: Facilitates parsing of data via AML engines and simultaneously stores it in a blockchain network


  • Designed and developed with the Digital First, Cloud First philosophy
  • Mine Complex Data with a Web Crawler
  • Enriched sanctions screening capabilities aid in efficient matching between customer and watch-list data
  • Includes advanced analytics, proactive behavioral analytics, and sentiment analysis


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